Monday, September 2, 2013

Calendar Notebook

Tomorrow is the start of Maggie's first grade year and I have to admit, I'm more excited than she is.  To be honest, she's kind of neutral about the whole thing, but it's probably because we homeschooled quite a bit through the summer.  "What's the big deal?" she's thinking.  I hope she feels differently after tomorrow.  This is the first year we were required to register as homeschoolers with the State, so like some of my very Southern friends would say ... "It just got real, ya'll!" 
I wanted to share one of the things we will be implementing this year ... a Calendar Notebook!  (I have my friend, Amber, to thank for giving me the heads up on this.  Her blog can be found at  I got the printouts to make our notebook at, but the original idea came from
 In the notebook, there are several sheets which we will fill out daily, each one helping her to review either counting, and/or her calendar and weather skills.  This first sheet (100 Days of School!!!) will enable her to count up every day to our hundredth day, when we will have a hundredth day celebration.
 She also will fill in the days on monthly calendars.  (I went ahead and filled in the first two days as an example for her.)
 She will also be required to write out the day and the date in both word form and numerical form.
 And, finally, every day, we will observe the weather and track it each month, so that we can come up with averages at the end of the month.
Lots more to come!  Check back with us!

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