Thursday, September 5, 2013

All Fall

Today, we continued our study of seasons by focusing on Fall.

We read Autumn by Gail Saunders-Smith ...
... Autumn: Signs of the Season Around North America by Mary Pat Finnegan ...
... and The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Fall into Winter by Tish Rabe.  (The other side of the book is Spring into Summer! which we'll read later in the week.)
One of the resources I'll be utilizing this year in Science is this workbook, Evan-Moor's Daily Science: Grade 1.  I really like how the information is given and then reviewed, so we will be using this a lot to supplement our reading, crafts, and experiments.
Here is one of the pages from that workbook that we completed today, complete with a Fall sticker for a job well done!  (You all know how I like to keep it thematic!)
I posted yesterday about the Evan-Moor's Making Books With Pockets books that we'll be working out of.  Today, we made our Autumn pocket for our Seasons Book.  (All of our projects focusing on Autumn/Fall will go in here.)
 For our first project, we made a "crayon-resist" picture of a scarecrow.  Here, Maggie is coloring her scarecrow with crayons.
 All colored and ready for the next step ... some paint!
 Next, we painted the background of the picture with blue watercolor.  (The crayon resists the paint, so your coloring is not affected.)
 All dry and ready to go in our Autumn Pocket!
 Next, we made an Autumn tree, using construction paper in blue and brown, a brown crayon, a glue stick, sponges cut in the shapes of leaves, and yellow, red, orange, and brown tempera paint.  First, tear your brown paper to make a trunk.
 Glue your "trunk" onto your blue paper, then add some torn "branches" to make your tree.
 Once your tree is assembled, draw on a squirrel's hole for fun!
 Now, it's time for some fun!  Dip your sponges into your paints and sponge Fall leaves onto your tree, falling from your tree, and onto the ground.
 All done!  This, too, was added to our Autumn Pocket!
 Whenever we have leftover paint on the plate or palette, I always let her "free paint," and this is what she made ... "a Furby!"  Silly girl! 
 The next thing we made from our Evan-Moor book was an accordion book, entitled "Things That Fall." 
 Each section of the book had subcategories, like this one.
 The way the accordion book opens, it "falls" from the top.  (Click on the picture itself to see the subcategories on the book better.)  Of course, this was another addition to our Autumn Pocket!
 And lastly, I had her write a sentence about Autumn.  (I love kids' writing!)
Once all of our Fall study was complete, we put everything in our pocket for binding later in the week in our Seasons Book (after we complete the other three).  She was so proud of all of her work!  :)
In Geography, we continued our study of the poles and ice, and watched the "Ice is Nice" episode on
our The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Ocean Commotion! DVD.  (These DVDs are GREAT resources!)
 We also started our next FIAR (Five in a Row) book study, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost, but I won't post about that until the end of the week.  See you tomorrow!

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