Tuesday, August 27, 2013


So, we're back from our family trip to Seattle and you may remember from the past few posts that we had done quite a bit of learning about the things we would see there beforehand.  We were tickled to see everything up close that we had learned about, and more!  This is just a sampling of our pictures.  (I had 991 photos on my camera by the time we got home!)  I won't bore you with the lot.  Anyway, enjoy!
Here is Maggie and her Daddy, in the Chihuly Glass Museum, under the Space Needle!  (I thought this would make a great photo and I am so pleased with how it turned out!)
 And this was the first totem pole we spotted, in Seattle Center.
 Mags, giving it a hug!  :)
 Maggie's favorite thing from the trip was eating in the Sky City restaurant in the Space Needle!  This is her at lunch, with an amazing, rotating view!
 Then, we spotted our first salmon (which we also learned about beforehand)!  These were at the aquarium on the Waterfront, but we did see the real upstream swimming the next day!  (Keep scrolling.)
 We also spotted our first barnacles, which we first learned about when we studied Gramma's Walk.  (More barnacle pictures are coming!)
 Northwest Native American art!
 This was a shock!  We spotted one of the "peeper birds" from Gramma's Walk as well!  We were tickled to stumble across this!
 Here is Mags on the 45-minute ferry ride to Tillicum Village, the Native American village on Blake Island that we posted about prior.
 What a great kid!
 There it is!  We're pulling in!
 We have made it!
 The first thing they do when you arrive on the island is hand you a mug of hot, steamed clams and broth to eat while you wait for dinner.  Once the clams are eaten, you take out the shells and crack them onto the walkways to help them keep their walkways "graveled."  This was very cool!
 Inside the longhouse, the salmon were spread out on these racks for baking.  (I have to tell you ... there is nothing like having the opportunity to SHOW your kids something like this!  It was so very neat!)
 Then, Maggie spotted this man carving a totem pole!
 Here's my girl, eating some of that baked salmon in the longhouse!
 Waiting for the show!
 The next day, we visited the Chittenden Locks to see the salmon swimming upstream in their natural environment!  I was super excited to see this!
 These are the viewing windows!  Right before we got to them, we saw a seal diving in the water for some salmon for lunch!
 This was so neat!
 Salmon eggs!
 And yet another day (a day we went to explore the tidal pools), we spotted more barnacles everywhere!
 What a great trip we had!  Here is my girl on the last day of our vacation (Day 9), looking like a real Seattleite!  LOL!  (It's only chocolate milk!) 
Posting a few birthday pictures soon from this past Saturday!  Check back!


  1. It looks like a fabulous trip!! can't wait to see more pictures :)
    Mrs Sandy

  2. Oh, there are definitely more! 991 photos! LOL! I'll have to scale down, I think! :)