Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Maggie's 6!

I can't believe it.  My baby's six.  When did this happen?  It feels like I just looked at her for the first time.  Thank you, God, for this wonderful girl.  Here are just a few pictures from her birthday party on Saturday.
So, she wanted a bowling party.  This was the first time we had a birthday party for her not at the house.  It was weird.  I'm so used to having more to do and I felt a bit unsure of the chaos, but overall, it was easier.  Beforehand, I did make this for the kid who bowled the highest score.  I repurposed an old Italian soda bottle and filled it with white Sixlets (chocolate candies), then wrapped the neck with red electrical tape.  Instant pin! 
 Maggie's Daddy, digging into the pizza!
 Mags and her buddy, Olivia!
 Let's bowl!
 Her cake!  (My husband makes her birthday cake every year.)  This year, she insisted on red velvet!
 She may be six, but she's still Daddy's girl!  :)
 Bowling with Grandpop!
 Later, we opened gifts!
 This was her favorite gift, from her grandparents!  She liked it even better than the rainbow-colored beanbag chair she requested and I slaved to find!  :)
Happy Birthday, my love!  I pray that six is a beautiful year for you!

Next Tuesday we start our new homeschool year, first grade!  Check back with us regularly!