Thursday, July 4, 2013

VBS 2013

So, another VBS has come and gone, but it was another fun one, and I wanted to share with you the snacks I made for each night.  This year, our church used Kingdom Chronicles for our theme, from, about good versus evil and wearing the armor of God in the battle for Truth.  We thought it would be fun to have a "castle" full of young "knights" and "princesses," and it was! 
For Night 1, we focused on castles, so I recruited my husband to help make a castle cake for that night's dessert.  Here he is in our church's kitchen, rolling out fondant for the same.
 Here's our castle, in the works, complete with edible fudge rocks (see my post at for complete instructions on how to make them) and a Rice Krispies Treat dragon! 
 Here is our completed cake, ready to be served!  You may remember from last year's VBS post that every night, with my desserts, I post sayings and Bible verses that go with that night's theme.  Here is our setup for Night 1.
 We put these little knights and horses around our cake, to look like they were in a panic over the dragon's presence!
 And I love how Al put his leg dangling over the castle door!  The cake was a hit!
Here is a picture of Mags from Night 1, with her best friend, Olivia, wearing the sweet sashes the girls ("princesses") got to wear for the week's events!
Here she is after Night 1, looking completely exhausted!  :)
For Night 2, we talked about Truth, so for dessert, I decided to try out a cool idea I saw on Pinterest, using a cupcake stuck into an ice cream cone to make a torch.  (I tried to locate the original site that the photo on Pinterest came from, but Pinterest has blocked it for security reasons.)
 Here is my final product.  For the cone, I added a candy cross (because Jesus is the Light and Truth), made using red candy wafers (purchased at Michael's craft store) and a cross candy mold found at  I adhered it onto the cone with a little icing and let it dry.  For the cupcake, I used simple yellow cake mix with edible orange color bursts inside the batter (also found at the craft store). 
 I then iced it with lemon frosting and added red sprinkles to the top.  Finally, I used melted red and orange Lifesavers (see my previous post with instructions on melting Lifesavers at, cracked into shards, to look like flames in the top of the "torches."
Here's Mags, with her buddy, Liam, downing her cupcake torch before her dinner!  (ONLY at VBS will I allow this, so she takes full advantage!)
In Assembly, on Night 2!
For Night 3, we studied kings, and what is more king-like than jewels?  I decided to make a "Crown Jewels" dessert, complete with jeweled goblets and candy jewels!
Here are the white chocolate jewels I made, with colored candy wafers and a gems mold as seen at
 For the dessert itself, I made Jell-O Jigglers in different colors, layered with Cool Whip in a plastic goblet (which I bought at Dollar Tree, $1 for 6 cups), adorned with plastic, adhesive-backed gems.
I then sprinkled a few white chocolate gems on top of that.  I was surprised at the number of kids that ran to the kitchen after finishing, to wash their goblets for reuse!  (A few even brought them back to drink out of the rest of the week!)  :)
Night 3 held a surprise for the kids ... real horses from "the Royal Stables!"  Maggie was thrilled!
For Night 4, we studied the shield, so what better than shield cookies?  (This was my easiest dessert yet!)
For shield cookies, I simply took Pepperidge Farm Chessman cookies, and adhered them with frosting to a larger, rectangular biscuit cookie that had pretty scalloped edging.  They were simple and good. 
Night 4, in Crafts, looking like she needs a long sleep! 
"Look what we made!"
And finally, for the fifth and final night, I made Rice Krispies Treat and Fruit Roll-up dragons, complete with plastic cocktail swords so each child could "slay the enemy!" 
 They turned out so cute!  I originally got the idea for these at, using small cuts of Rice Krispies Treats, Fruit Roll-Ups, Fruit-by-the-Foot, frosting, candy eyes (which you can find at craft stores in the baking aisle), M&Ms for the nostrils and ears, and little cocktail swords.
First, I wrapped the small cuts of Rice Krispies Treats with a Fruit Roll-up, and placed under it the end of a piece of a Fruit-by-the-Foot "tail."  (Once pressed down onto the plate, it won't move, so you can add ripples to the tail and be assured it'll stay in place!)  Next, I cut little triangles from another  Fruit Roll-Up of a different color and pressed it to the sides of my "head" to make "wings."  Then, using my frosting poured into a squeeze bottle, I squeezed on two dots in the center for the candy eyes and four dots on each corner for the dragon's "nostrils" and "ears."  Lastly, I plunged a plastic cocktail sword ( in between the eyes for the kids to pretend to "slay" their dragons.  I think they turned out so cute!
Final Assembly of VBS 2013!
Here is my Mags, receiving her crown for completing her week of VBS!
What a great week we had!


  1. For some reason I haven't been getting your posts in my email :(. Very kewl VBS and the horse ride just tops it all. The church we went to had the same theme but no horse. Always impressed with your yummy ideas :) Luv, Amber

  2. Amber, my friend, you haven't been getting them because I haven't been posting! YIPES! You caught me! I have been so lazy about blogging, but I'm gaining speed again! Thanks for the sweet comments! Love you!