Friday, May 17, 2013

Popsicle-topped Cupcakes!

Today, we had a Summer party with our pottery class, and I was assigned to bring mini cupcakes.  I can't just bring a frosted cupcake, so I was thinking of how I could decorate the top with something "Summer-y."  It was then that I remembered this great blog (, and once I scanned through some of their photos, found this great idea for these adorable "popsicles" to top off your cupcakes! 
All you need to make your "popsicles" are Mike and Ike candies and flat toothpicks.
 Cut off the sharp end of your toothpick, push the cut end through a Mike and Ike candy (leaving the wide, flat end out), and there you have it!  Instant popsicle! 
So cute!
All the colors ...
 And here they are, on my cupcakes!
They were a hit!
 And just a few pics of our gathering ...
 Maggie's pottery teacher, Mr. Tom ("Teacher Tom")!  :)
 Time for some games!
We all had fun!  Thanks, Tom, for a good time!  See you in a few weeks!  :)

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