Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mexican Mayhem

We had our last Country Study of the school year today with our homeschooling co-op and to tie it in with Sunday's observance of Cinco de Mayo, we chose Mexico! 
Here is our spread, with our potluck on the table to the left and our learning materials on the table to the right.
We had lots of yummy things for lunch ... homemade tortillas, quesadillas, Mexican fruit salad, burritos, chips with queso, Mexican rice, Mexican quinoa salad, and flan!
 YUM!  Let's eat!  :)
 Here's Mags, with her best friend, Olivia, digging into their Mexican fare!
 After lunch, we go started on our lesson.  First, we located Mexico on the map, discussing its geography in relation to our country.
Then, we read this book, A Visit to Mexico by Mary Packard.
We went on to talk about the Mexican culture and history.
 Finally, Ms. Hannah showed us her Mayan symbols picture, an introduction to the art project we'd be making today.
 And here is her example for the kids of today's craft -- a scroll of our names, written in the Mayan alphabet.
 Here is the handout we used of the symbols in the Mayan alphabet.
 We got right to work transferring the symbols onto the paper that was prepared for us.  (Hannah had tea-stained some large sheets of white paper to give them an antiquated look.)
 Coloring in our symbols ...
 Here is Maggie's name, in Mayan!
 Finally, we rolled our scrolls up, tied them with some string, and got out passports stamped for today's journey!
  Adios, amigos! 

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