Thursday, May 2, 2013

Life Cycle of a Chicken

Today, I thought I'd share some pictures from our homeschool co-op meeting, where we learned all about the life cycle of a chicken. 
First, we read a few books together ... What Will Hatch? by Jennifer Ward ...
... Chick to Hen by Steve Parker ... 
  ... and The Chicken or the Egg? by Allan Fowler.
 Then, we met our chicken visitor!
The kids got to sit in a circle and pet her.
(Maggie was tickled!)
(Very happy.)
Then, we moved on to a couple of activities.  First, we did a sequencing activity (out of the Beginning Sequencing workbook by Evan-Moor) where we put in order the steps of a chick breaking out of its shell.
Here is Mags and her best friend, Olivia, working.
All done!
Next, we made this chicken life cycle craft, which is seen often on Pinterest, using construction paper, glue, scissors, markers, googly eyes, and a little red paint.  (This was our host's example for the kids.)
Looks great, Mags!  (This is her 'I don't want to take another picture' smile.)
 Happy crafting!


  1. Oh looks so fun! Wish we could've made it. We have done that craft before....but to see a real chicken. So kewl. God bless!

  2. We did have fun! Maggie is now trying to convince me we need one! :P

  3. Do you have a HOA like Hannah? I think we could have them if Chris would let us :(

  4. No HOA, but we live in an apartment, so I think that's worse! LOL! I think they'd very much be upset if I housed a chicken! LOL! :)