Friday, May 3, 2013

Henry's Awful Mistake

Today, we had the 8th meeting of our Book Club, hosted by Hannah, with a reading of Henry's Awful Mistake by Robert Quackenbush, a book about a duck who gets himself into a sticky situation -- just when he thinks dinner is almost ready for his soon-to-arrive guest, he spots an ant in the house.  Chaos ensues as he tries to rid of the ant.
Here is our group, ready to read!
 After Hannah finished reading the book (which was a hit), we went to the table to start our first activity -- preparing a "dinner" for a guest, like Henry did.  (Here is Hannah's example for the kids.  Cute!)
 The kids got right to work cutting food items out of circulars to fill their plates with.
Here's Olivia, securing a smoothie to her plate.  :)
 Maggie's dinner plate is done!  She chose a roast, a steak, mushrooms, and rice.
 Lucy's meal!
 Then it was time to add our unwelcome guests ... ANTS!
 Olivia and Maggie's meals, both invaded by ants!
(An up-close shot of Maggie's place setting.)
 After the kids had made their meals, it was time for some real food -- ant snacks!  Here, Hannah had prepared the always-popular "ants on a log" ...
 ... and fruit with yogurt dip, invaded by ANTS (played by some innocent poppy seeds)!
 After our snack, we had a little ant lesson, with the help of this great book by Usborne,
 The Usborne Big Book of Bugs (which can be found at
Here is Hannah, showing the kids the different kinds of ants featured in the book.
Next, we talked about the life cycle of the ant.
Then, we made our own, drawing in the different stages after Hannah's example, above.
For the adult ant, the kids used their fingerprints (in ink) to make the head, thorax, and abdomen.
Here's Maggie's, with two too many legs on one side.  Oops!
 It was another great Book Club event!  (Thanks, Hannah!)  Anna wraps up this year's meetings with another book in two weeks, but just wait until you see what we have planned for next year!  See you soon!

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