Friday, May 17, 2013

Castaway Cats

Welcome to our 9th Book Club meeting!  Today, Anna hosted, and we had a GREAT time!  The book we read was Castaway Cats by Lisa Wheeler.
Here is her setup, complete with fishnet, ready for some crafting after the story!  (To see any of these photos larger, just click on them.)  The kids were so excited, especially my Mags, who is obsessed with cats.
 Ready to read!
After the story, we got to work, first making these adorable cats out of nothing but cardboard, crayons, and glue!
 (Even Maria got in on the action!)
 Mags grabbed the orange and white crayons to make hers look like our cat, Emmett!
 Here's "Emmett!" 
After our cardboard cats were complete, Anna showed us our next craft ... these adorable "Castaway Cats" on little islands, using clear plastic bowls, plaster of paris, blue paint, sand, and little flowers and shells to decorate with.  What a fun idea!
 The kids got right to work, mixing their plaster of paris with a bit of blue paint to make the water for their bowls.
 Once everyone's was mixed and had set in their clear plastic bowls for about 30 minutes, it was time to make our islands and decorate them!
 First, we added sand to the top of our "water," which was still tacky enough to grab and adhere the sand down, but not wet enough for the sand to sink. 
 Be sure to leave some water with no sand sprinkled over it!
 Then, we added decorations!  We had palm tree picks, silk flowers, shells, little pieces of wooden planks for docks, etc.  (You could do almost anything!)
 Here is Maggie's in the making.
 Maggie's "Castaway Cat Island!" 
 Looks great, Luc!
 And Liam's!
Once our islands were made, it was time for a snack!  Anna had hollowed out these little watermelons and filled them with fruit before she added big paper umbrellas to each.  (Very tropical!)
 And the kids had homemade tropical punch in these cute little coconuts!
 Snacktime!  (We also had a big plate of cheese and crackers!)
 Tropical treats!
(I love this shot!)
(And this one!)
 Then, it was time for another surprise!  I spied these messages in bottles!  Love it!
Our awesome host and my dear friend!  :)
 Removing their messages from their bottles ...
 It's a map!
 A treasure map!
(Each kid had the same map, but with a differently placed 'X' for the individual treasures they were to find!  So clever, Anna!)
 Getting instructions on the treasure hunt ...
 Let's go!
 Treasure hunting!
 Maggie spied something under this bush!
 Liam found his!
 "Let's see what's in these treasure chests!"
 A lei, for a girl ready to do the hula!  :)
 Hooray for another awesome Book Club!  Thanks, Anna!
Our next Book Club meeting won't be until September, but wait until you see what we've got planned!

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