Tuesday, April 23, 2013

G'day, Mate!

G'day, Mate!  I am again failing to post regularly, but let's step back a couple of weeks so I can show you some of the fun we had with our homeschooling group during one of our Country Study days, when we explored Australia!  Now, this intimidates me a little, because I know several of my followers are Australian, but as a group, we did our best to represent you.  (You'll have to let me know how we did.) 

First off, we set up our display tables, which the kids perused, complete with my stuffed ostrich (a present from my husband when we were dating).
The first thing we did as a group was dig into our potluck lunch, complete with Vegemite, straight from Australia!  (What an experience that was!  Let's just say a little goes a LONG way!)
Here is Maggie's lunch plate, full with Australian food! 
After lunch, we started the lesson.  Here's my friend, Hannah, placing Australia on the map for the kids and telling them about all things down under!
Checking out the neat 3D coral reef book ...
... the Usborne Peek Inside: Coral Reef book, which you can find at this link:  https://t3458.myubam.com/p/1556/peek-inside-coral-reef.  It is a GREAT book!
Then, it was onto our story, Big Rain Coming by Katrina Germein, which was chock full of Aboriginal art, native to Australia.
Before we got on to our art project, we discussed the music we had been playing throughout lunch, which featured the Aboriginal didgeridoo, which we discussed in depth with the kids.  Here is a YouTube video featuring the same.
Then it was onto our art project, some Aboriginal art!  I got the idea for this craft at http://artwithaubrey.blogspot.com/2011/10/aboriginal-art.html, which uses brown paper (instead of bark) and Q-tips (instead of sticks) to make paintings like the Aborigines did.  Here are the pictures I made as examples for the kids, which decorated the wall over our Australian buffet.
A snake and ostrich ...
... a kangaroo and lizard ...
... and a turtle and boomerang.
Before we got together as a group, I had made some templates for these critters by tracing them onto thick cardboard and cutting them out.  (I got the original forms by simply printing out pictures of Aboriginal art and cutting out the outlines from the same.  Once cut, I traced the images onto the cardboard.)
 Then, I used my templates to trace the images onto brown packing paper, like you see below.
Finally, using Q-tips dipped in different colors of paint, I used the Aboriginal method of painting, using dots and a few stripes, to complete my pictures.
It was time for the kids to get started on their own!
 Painting an ostrich ...
 Coloring in a snake ...
 Looks great, Mags!
Original Aboriginal art!
 Finally, we got our passports stamped and called it a day!
 As they say in Australia, "Cheerio!"


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