Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Paper Bag Nest

Yesterday, we went to an event at our local nature center, and I thought I'd share their craft idea, a cute paper bag nest!

First, using a paper lunch bag, roll the top down like you would a sock, and crunch it flat.
(It should look like this.)
Add glue to the top.  (It reminded me of a cinnamon roll.)
 Then, place pine straw, leaves, grass, bits of paper, etc., to the glue.
Here's our buddy, Leah, working on her nest!  :)
Here's our nest, ready to dry.
 Next, for our nest's occupant, Maggie colored this sheet the center had prepared.  (She wanted a "rainbow bird.")
 Once colored, we cut out the pieces, put them together, and taped the pieces in place.  Here's our bird, looking for his home!
 A cute craft!  And super simple, too!
 As we left the center, we found a patch of clover that the girls insisted on laying in!  Oh, to be a kid!  :)
 My wonderful girl!  :)
Happy homeschooling!

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