Saturday, March 30, 2013

Carrot Patch Snack

Today was our annual Easter Egg Hunt at church, and I decided to make the carrot snack I have been seeing all over Pinterest ... you know ... the one with the orange snack in the pastry bags, then tied with green ribbons to look like a carrot?  Here's mine.  (I used Annie's Organic Cheddar Bunnies.) 
Well, I wanted to display them in a neat way, so I came up with the idea of making a carrot patch, where the kids could pull up their "carrots" out of "dirt."  Here is my finished product, with instructions to follow.
First, I took a cardboard box (deep enough for the carrots to got into without bending) and traced some circles onto the bottom for my carrots.  (I got 20 circles on this box.)
 Then, I cut an opening into each circle, like you see below.
 Once all the circles were cut, I was ready to cover my box with paper.
 I covered the circles and holes with brown construction paper (to cover the writing on the box) and then wrapped the box in 12 X 12 pieces of green scrapbooking paper, being sure they were flush with the bottom so that the top of the box had some green overhang, like below.  Then, I trimmed the top of the green paper so it looked more natural, less straight. 
 Then, I took some scissors and trimmed the green overhang, in strips, to look like grass, bending the strips as I went.
 Here is what it looked like when the papering process was complete.
Next, I made this sign, using cardboard, scrapbooking paper, scissors, and crayons (as well as my printer to print out the words and carrots).  If you notice, I cut the paper and used crayons to make striations on it so that it would resemble a wooden plank sign.
 Then, I adhered my sign onto the back of my "garden plot."
 Finally, after assembling enough "carrots," I punched through the brown paper to push my carrots through the holes underneath, being sure they were in there snugly.  Here is my completed garden plot of carrots!
 I was pretty proud of how it looked in the end!
 And here it is (with extras), on the Easter snacks table at church!
 Here's my Mags, eating some snacks (including a carrot) at the Easter Egg Hunt event!
Happy Easter, everyone!  Praise God that Christ has risen! 

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