Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Stuff

Hello again!  I thought I would share with you some of the things we did this past weekend, because, well, I thought they were worth sharing! 

First off, I made a post with this craft idea, these cute little candy Bibles, this past Fall when Maggie and I were talking about the importance of God's Word, in general, but told myself that I would do it again for our church members when the opportunity presented itself.  During last week's church service, our pastor started a new sermon series about the key disciplines for every Christian.  The first one we discussed was the importance of reading God's Word.  (My opportunity had just presented itself!)  Here is what I made ...
These next few pictures are from the post in the Fall, but the supplies are still basically the same.  I used black cardstock, white printer paper, two Hershey's Nuggets for each Bible (I liked the gold better than the silver wrapping), some red ribbon, scissors, and a glue stick.  (For the new Bibles, though, I nixed the glue stick and used scrapbooking squares instead.)
First, cut your cardstock so that one piece is just slightly larger than the area of two Nuggets, laid side by side.  Adhere.
 Then, run your white paper through the printer after you have chosen a Bible verse to type out and print.  The verse pictured is the one that I used in the Fall for Maggie, but for the congregation, I used Psalm 119:11: I have hidden Your word in my heart, That I might not sin against You.  Pick a verse that works for you and the situation, and cut it out to fit over your Nuggets.  Also, cut your ribbon to fit your small Bible.
 Adhere.  (Again, this is my old Bible.  For the new version, I printed the verse so that the first half could be read on the left side and the second half could be read on the right side, more like a real book, than this one here, showing the verse across both pages.  Also, I put the ribbon between the two pages versus under, because I liked how it looked better.  Scroll down to see the newest version.)
My new Bible, improved!  :)
 I made many, stuck them in baskets, and surprised the congregation!  Many of the members said it was the "sweetest Bible" they had ever received!  :)
 Well, yesterday also happened to be my baby's half birthday!  When you are five, a half a year is a big deal, so I humored her and made her half a cake for her half birthday!  (This was simply a boxed mix, baked in two 9-inch rounds, then cooled, cut down the middle, and stacked, to make a four-layer half cake!)
 I also added five and a half candles!  :)
 Happy "Half" Birthday, my girl!  (She was thrilled!)  :)
 We have been studying transportation in Social Studies and I decided this weekend that while Daddy was home, they could complete one of our projects together, a portable mat for toy cars, using a green tablecloth (which I bought at Big Lots for $3.50), black duct tape, and yellow duct tape.  (I got this idea from Family Fun magazine, May 2011, page 64.)
  Using the black duct tape, make "roads" along your green tablecloth. 
 Our cat, Emmett, was a big help with this endeavor!  :)
Once your roadway is complete, go back over the black with cuts of your yellow tape to make the center marks on your roads.
 Once done, add plastic trees, houses, road signs, etc.  (Here is an aerial shot of our toy car mat.)
 It was a winner with Mags!
 Happy crafting!