Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Math

So, since we've been home today, Maggie's been bugging me about eating her Sweethearts.  I decided to get a lesson in before I let her eat them.  I quickly made a vertical number line with a marker on a piece of graphing paper, grabbed some glue and crayons, and told her we were making a bar graph.
 We opened the box and first figured out how many colors we had.  We had six. 
Then, we glued one of each color onto the bottom of the graph, as you can see below.
Next, starting with the pink, we counted the number of each of our colored hearts in our bowl, then graphed those numbers using a bar made with our crayons.
 Once all of the hearts were counted and graphed, we could easily compare and contrast the numbers in our bowl!  We had 7 purple, the color we had the most of, and 2 yellow, the color we had the least of.  Then, after our activity, we finally got to eat them!  :)
Happy crafting!

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  1. Kewl! We made ours into music notes...the ones Michael didn't eat. I love all your graph ideas. I'll have to pin this ;)