Friday, February 15, 2013

Tudley the Turtle

So, today was yet another Book Club meeting!  (We're getting quite good at planning these for these kiddos!)  Anna hosted and the book we focused on was a great read, Tudley Didn't Know by John Himmelman, about a pond-living turtle who adopts other animals' behaviors – simply because he doesn't know he can't!  It was cute.
We met at Oxbow Meadows, a local environmental learning center, for this meeting.  The kids were very excited!
We even reserved our own room!
Once settled, we got into the book!
 Then, we immediately started our first activity -- putting the events of the book in chronological order.
 Here is our book's timeline!
Next, we did a very cute activity using the size of shells of turtles indigenous to our country, cut from construction paper, and labeled. 
Each child got one "shell," then measured it in inches from top to bottom.
 Mags got the snazzy Southern Painted Turtle with the red stripe down its back!  (She was thrilled!)
After each child measured his or her shell in inches, we made a bar graph on a piece of paper so that they could be easily compared.
 Olivia's shell was 5 inches long.
 Maggie measured hers at 4 inches.
 We also used an Audubon Society Field Guide to learn more about our turtles.
 Liam's turtle, the Western Painted Turtle, was the largest at 7 inches, and the only one not native to our area.
 Our completed bar graph!
Then, we compared our results!
After our measuring activity, we decorated some nature journals to take out and use as we walked around the center, observing animals.
 Leah added her turtle shell to hers, and drew in a head and legs!  :)
 Leah's tadpole.  So cute!
 Looks great, Leah!
 Olivia's!  :)
 With their journals all done, they were ready to go make observations in them!
Lucy, observing the alligator.
 Busy, busy, busy! 
Drawing catfish!
 Oxbow's very own Tudley!  :)
 Liam's catfish, a front view with lots of whiskers!  :)
 Lucy's alligator!  :)
 We even got to see the monitor get his lunch -- two rats! 
 Liam, drawing the monitor.  :)
 Maggie, posing near one of her favorite animals, mallard ducks!
Liam, checking out the live bee hive!
Leah's duck drawing!
 There were more Tudley turtles outside!
 Here are the kids, playing on the outdoor snake mound!  (That's Mags, standing on his head!)
 Then, we snacked on the goodies Ms. Anna brought ... trail mix and juice boxes!  Thank you, Anna!  :)
We went home with these cute turtle pictures to color, courtesy of Oxbow Meadows!
What a great Book Club meeting!  Our next one is in two weeks, in honor of Dr. Seuss, so stay tuned! 

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