Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Footsteps to the Cross

Happy Ash Wednesday, everyone!  We hope this sacred time of year brings you closer to our Lord Jesus as we prepare over the next forty days for Easter.  I am currently reading two daily Lenten devotionals with Maggie, one of them called Footsteps to the Cross by Stephenie Hovland, which uses stickers and a cross centerpiece to illustrate to the children how many days of Lent lead up to Easter Sunday. 
Unfortunately, I got this devotional from a friend, without the centerpiece or stickers, so of course, in true Rachel fashion, I decided to come up with one on our own.  For the same, I used a large piece of green construction paper, more green paper for "hills," a long piece of tan paper for our "road," a foam cross that came in a pack of 10 from Dollar Tree, cardboard pieces to help hold up our hills and cross, glue, scissors, and footprint stickers.  (I had hoped to find bare footprints, but these little shoes worked fine.)
To start, we glued our road onto the large green piece of paper.
 Next, we cut and folded our cardboard (see below), gluing each hill to its appropriate piece, so that they could stand upright once dry.
 Once they had dried a little, we glued our 3D hills at the end of the paper and road.
 Next, we did the same for the cross, so that it could stand upright without flopping over.
 Then, after our reading our first devotional today, for Day 1, we put one footprint on the end of the road, headed towards the cross.
Our "Footsteps to the Cross!" craft is done! 
 I think it turned out great!  (We'll add more prints for every day of Lent, leading up to Easter.)
 We were also busy today getting ready for tomorrow's Home Scholars meeting (our homeschooling co-op), when we study France and celebrate Valentine's Day.  Here is Maggie, getting her valentines ready for her friends.  We picked robots, of course!
 Her valentines are all ready to pass out tomorrow!  (Don't you remember how fun this was as a kid?!)
I also wanted to make a valentines for the kids, from me, and I got this great idea for them at  (The picture below is one of my finished valentines.)  I had bought religious valentine pencils with candy hearts on them that say, "God Loves You," etc. from Oriental Trading Company, and some heart erasers from the dollar bins at Target.  Then, with some pink paper, scissors, glue dots, and a couple of markers, my valentines would be ready!  Here is how I made them ...
First, I printed out the saying, "You're just WRITE for Jesus ... and me!" on the pink paper using my printer.
 Next, I cut around each saying so that it would be heart-shaped.
Then, I addressed them, signed them, and poked a hole on each end so that the pencil would fit through, like below.  Finally, using my glue dots, I stuck on one of the heart erasers.  Cute!  I think the kids will like them!
Again, Happy Ash Wednesday and Happy Valentine's Day!  We'll see you again tomorrow with some photos from our homeschooling co-op event!  Until then!  :)


  1. cute! love the crafts! See you tmw :)

  2. Such a cute project! Can you share where you got the footprint stickers?

  3. Thank you! I bought the footprint stickers at my local teacher store. It came in a little set with those little incentive charts you can buy, with a gridded piece of paper and the stickers to put in each square until the grid is filled up. The gridded paper had a little detective on it.