Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Duck's Truck is Stuck in the Muck!

Today, we reviewed the short u/long u sound, and because we never finished up our alphabet critter series, we went ahead and completed U and V for those of you who were hoping we'd finish that! 

For U, we made an umbrella, copied from the one seen at http://www.orientaltrading.com/u-is-for-umbrellas-craft-kit-a2-48_8082-12-1.fltr?Ntt=u, but without the purchase of a dozen!  (I copy Oriental Trading Company's ideas a lot, but just recreated with construction paper instead of foam.)
The three books we read for our short u/long u review were Short u and Long u Play a Game by Jane Belk Moncure ...
... Phonics Tales! Lucky Duck by Teddy Slater ...
 ... and Duck in the Truck by Jez Alborough.
Here is an excerpt from the  Phonics Tales! Lucky Duck book by Teddy Slater:

"Short-u Cheer:
Hooray for short u, the best sound around!
Let's holler short-u words all over town!
There's mug and sun and lunch and up.
There's gum and fun and luck and cup.
There's bug and hut and hum and rug.
There's lump and run and chum and hug.
Short u, short u, give a great cheer,
For the luckiest sound you ever will hear!"
We also made another Easter egg, of course, to practice remembering words in the -uck word family.
 And, like we have with other vowels, we made a short u/long u chart, to illustrate words with the same sounds.  (We will continue these charts with letter blends and when we're done, we'll make a book that she can flip through, just like we did with our letter book two years ago.) 
For V, we made a vulture, as seen in our Alphabet and Counting workbook, by School Specialty Publishing, page 48.
And I made yet another egg for our second sound of the day, the -eep sound!
 For review of the -eep sound, we read Usborne Phonics Readers: Sam Sheep Can't Sleep by Phil Roxbee Cox.
See you again tomorrow when we continue our study of volcanoes and earthquakes!  Happy homeschooling!  :)

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