Friday, January 18, 2013

Culture Swap Goodies and the -at Word Family

I have promised to do my best to blog more again and here I am, less than twenty-four hours later, to share what we've been up to!  Hopefully, I will redeem myself soon! 
As you may remember from previous posts, Maggie and I had signed up to participate in Worldwide Culture Swap, a project where we exchange culture packages with families from other countries.  (See our posts in December for the contents of the boxes we mailed.)  We did this through, and the process was easy and fun!  We will be signing up to do this again, with all new countries!  And the best part for me?  These packages make great Geography resources!  I can put the contents away and pull them out year after year in our studies!  I love Worldwide Culture Swap!  Go check them out!  (See if you can find in their feed where Spark and All got featured!)  :)
Culture Swapper
I had decided to make a lesson out of the opening of our packages, so that we could map each out and see which package traveled the shortest distance, farthest, etc.  Here is Maggie, ready to open our goodies from Wales, Turkey, and New Zealand!  (We were so excited!)
The postage from Wales ...
 Here are the contents of our great package from Wales ... a personal letter from the family, an information packet about Wales including its general facts, national symbols, national anthem, and some recipes, a Welsh flag, pencil, and eraser, a postcard about the Welsh Dragon and a little, stuffed Welsh Dragon, a little book on the castles of Wales, another book on the landscape of Wales, some picture postcards, a postcard with some common words translated, and a homemade Christmas card from the family we swapped with.  What a great package! 
 She was really excited about the Welsh Dragon stuff!  :)
Onto Turkey!  (I think it's so interesting how they spell their country name T-U-R-K-I-Y-E, whereas we spell it differently.)
 Wow!  Another great package with so much to look through!  From the family in Turkey we got:  another great personal letter, a fold-out map of the city of Istanbul, a great jigsaw puzzle showing the different city regions in Turkey, a goods map, Turkish flag stickers, a fact sheet on Turkey, a packet on the life of the founder of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, a culture packet, including a paper doll and a sticker and information on The Evil Eye, with craft instructions, a printout showing different forms of Turkish currency, many pictures of Turkey, an Evil Eye charm, Turkish Delight, and my personal favorite, a homemade lapbook about all things Turkey!  What an awesome package!
 Maggie, showing off her Turkish Delight and Evil Eye charm! 
 This mom is a mom after my own heart!  The lapbook she made was VERY COOL!  (Mags is checking it out, below.)  I am tickled to say we are now Facebook friends!  (Hello, Pinar!  Thank you for all the wonderful goodies!)  :)
The last package we opened is from New Zealand! 
Again, we were overwhelmed with the plethora of goodies!  In this package, we received a cultural calendar with pictures of all things New Zealand, a current tourist's newspaper, New Zealand coins and stamps, maps and travel guides, a native storybook, a notepad with paper sourced from sustainable forests in New Zealand, a scenic postcard, a packet of popular New Zealand recipes (I can't wait to make the Gingernuts!), a keychain, a native charm, a New Zealand pendant with the symbol for "New Beginnings, New Life," and a Whittaker's Creamy Milk chocolate bar, made in New Zealand!  A wonderful package!
 Here is Maggie, showing you the native charm, pendant, and coins!  (The chocolate bar is in front of her.)
We had so much fun going through each and plan to sign up again this month!  Thank you to all of the families in our group and to Worldwide Culture Swap for this great service! 

We also delved into our -at word family today, which I always represent on plastic Easter eggs, like the one you see here.  That way, Maggie can manipulate it to see all the words that she can make with the -at ending.  (I keep her eggs in see-through plastic egg cartons that we get from the grocery store.)
 For some reading on the -at sound, we read Mat by Bobby Lynn Maslen, Book 1 of Set 1 of our Bob Books ...
 ... The Fat Cat Sat on the Mat by Nurit Karlin (This one was the best pick for that -at sound!), and ...
... Pirate Pat by Mairi Mackinnon, an Usborne Very First Reading Book (Book 1).
 Check back with us later when we post about our study of stars and the sun!  Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. I'm glad you liked the package and Maggy looks so cute on this Welsh Dragon picture :)
    I am planning to blog about all the packages too but haven't had a chance yet.

  2. Good to see you on here! Yes, we LOVED your package! Did you ever get California? We didn't. Please send me your blog address! :