Thursday, December 6, 2012

Worldwide Culture Swap Box

In an earlier post, I talked about Worldwide Culture Swap (, an awesome site that matches up families with others from different countries.  They are matched so that they can exchange boxes representing their countries in order to learn about each other's cultures.  It is REALLY  COOL.  We had signed up and recently received our assignment, an exchange with four other families -- people from Wales, Turkey, New Zealand, and California.  (We're from the state of Georgia, so this was a great mix of cultures!)  Our group agreed to put together their boxes and exchange them in time to receive by Christmas, so that we could add to our boxes a few Christmas items.  What fun!  We mailed out our boxes today, so I thought I'd share what we put together (with plans to post later about the boxes we receive)!
Here are the contents of our boxes that we mailed out. 
We wanted to incorporate "the three P's" of Georgia in our boxes, that is, peaches, peanuts, and pecans.  For peanuts, I found these bags of salted, roasted peanuts with the Atlanta Braves logo.  (I added a peanut-shaped note with an explanation of the same on the front of the bag.)
 For peaches, we purchased these little jars of Georgia Peach Spread from Callaway Gardens' Country Store ...
 ... then we added a note about the same, with a picture of a peach on the top!
 And for pecans, we added these pecan rolls.  YUM!
We also added Cracker Jack, Skittles, Snickers, M&M's, Tootsie Roll Pops, candy canes, and a Jack Link's beef steak stick.  Our Christmas items included two Christmas cards (one religious and one secular), Christmas pencils, Christmas erasers, three Christmas ornaments (a bow, a reindeer, and a Cross), and this Instant Decorative Snow in a Can, with a note about the warm temperatures in Georgia and how this is the closest we get to actual snow! 
We also included a USA plastic cup, an American flag, a flag pin, three USA die-cuts, a USA star ornament, American flag stickers, and USA temporary tattoos.  Additionally, we put in there a Guide to Georgia, guide to our city, a Georgia map, and a guide to Callaway Gardens, not far from us.  Finally, we enclosed a letter from Mags (complete with a mention of all her favorite things), with a picture of her and Emmett.  Once our four boxes were packed, we addressed them and got them ready to mail!  Here is a portion of the package headed to Turkey, which I thought looked really neat!  (I didn't include the whole address to protect that family's privacy.)  
So, check the blog soon for posts about the four boxes we are waiting to receive!  (We are really excited to share them with you!)  And go to Worldwide Culture Swap to sign up your own family for this great experience or go 'Like' their Facebook page!  They need our support to keep this project going!  Thanks for checking in!

Rachel and Maggie  :)


  1. Hi Rachel,
    Thanks for your swap.
    Also we sent our packages today.
    Sent a picture of us to Worldwide Culture Swap Facebook page. :))

  2. Pinar, I saw! How exciting! We can't wait to get our package and we hope you enjoy yours!

    Much love,
    Rachel and Maggie :)

  3. Oh no, I can't imagine a Christmas without (real) snow!
    Thanks for sharing your great package!

  4. Rachael, thanks for the opportunity! It was so much fun and we will be signing up again soon! :)

  5. Dear Rachel,
    We recived our package yesterday. Thank you so much... It is amazing, Ece was very very very enjoyed...:))))
    And We hope you enjoy yours...

    Much love,

    Pinar and Ece

  6. Pinar, I am so glad! We can't wait to receive ours! I will post pictures when we do! :)