Thursday, December 20, 2012

Veggie Christmas Tree

Today, we had a party with our homeschooling co-op, Home Scholars, which we called our "Happy Birthday, Jesus!" Party, in honor of Christ, the reason for this season!  We decided to make it a potluck, and I decided to make a "Veggie Christmas Tree," like the one I found at  Before I tell you how I did it, here is a picture of the finished product:
To start, I bought a cheap, plastic platter from Dollar Tree (for only $1) and a floral foam cone, seen here.
 Since I'd be putting food on the cone, I first wrapped it in saran wrap, then, using a glue gun, adhered it to the bottom of the platter to keep it stable.
 Here it is, ready for veggies and toothpicks!  (Did I mention you'll need LOTS of toothpicks?)
 To start, use broccoli for your tree's base, working from the bottom up.  (It seemed easier to put the toothpick on first, then the broccoli, versus pushing the toothpick through the broccoli then trying to stick it on the tree.)  
 Here's the base.  Now, work your way up.
 Keep adding your broccoli until your cone is full.
 Now, you can add "ornaments."  Using the same method, I added grape tomatoes and baby carrots for our ornaments.  (You could also add pearl onions, cuts of bell pepper, mushrooms, etc.)
 Finally, I added yellow bell pepper strips at an angle for "garland," and a yellow bell pepper star at the top.  Then, I placed cauliflower at the bottom of the platter for "snow."  
 Here is our food table at the party, with our veggie tree in the center!
 (I served ranch dip in the little Christmas tree bowl next to the veggie tree for dipping.)
 Here is Mags, at the party, decorating cross cookies with her best friend, Olivia.
 Our cake at the party!
 We lit the candle and sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus before we ate the cake!  Happy Birthday, Jesus!   

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