Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Book Club Meeting

So today, in addition to the volcano stuff we did, we also had another Book Club meeting, our fourth!  Hannah hosted this time and the theme was all things Christmas, with a reading of this sweet book:

 Toot & Puddle: I'll Be Home for Christmas by Holly Hobbie.
Here is Hannah, presenting the book to the kids.
 She even had this sweet little decoration out to go with the book!  :)
After the book was read, we started on our craft, these cute snow globes, made from blue styrofoam plates, plastic wrap, white paper, black construction paper, crayons, markers, glue, scissors, and sequins.
 Ooooh, a plate of pretty snowflake sequins just begging to be tinkered with!  :)
 First, cut your white paper in a circle to fit the inside of a plate.  Draw a Winter scene onto the white circle using your crayons and/or markers.  Once your scene is complete, glue the white circle onto your plate, picture facing up.
 Next, place a small handful of sequins into your plate.
 Take a second plate, with the center cut out, and glue some plastic wrap to the inside rim so that when you turn the plate over, it looks like a window.
Using some glue, place that plate over your plate with your Winter scene and sequins.  Finally, cut your piece of black paper to resemble the base of a snowglobe and glue to the bottom of your plates.
 Here is Lucy's, with the picture of a sled in the snow!  :)
 Here is Maggie's, with a Christmas tree and her cat!  (Of course!)  :)
 Leah's, with a "Ninja-bread Man" (gingerbread man) and a unicorn!  :)
After our snowglobes were complete, Ms. Hannah served hot chocolate (Did you know that tomorrow is National Hot Chocolate Day?) with whipped cream, marshmallows, and candy canes!  Yum!
 Then, we got messy!  (Why not?)  We made edible Christmas trees using sugar cones, iced with green buttercream frosting, white cotton candy for "snow" (SO clever, Hannah!), and various candies for ornaments!  (The kids were VERY excited about this part, as I'm sure you could have guessed!)  :)
 First, we iced our cones.
 Then, Hannah had the brilliant idea of unraveling these little gummy spiral candies to use as garland on our trees!  I love it!
 After that, we added our "ornaments."
 Looks great, Luc!  :)
 Whoa!  Well, at least it tastes good!  :)
 "Can I eat it now, please?!"
The crew!
 When we were done snacking, all sugared up, and cleaned up, Hannah handed out these sweet little Toot & Puddle ornaments she made.
Maggie loved hers!
 She also had made us little reindeer out of candy canes and read us the legend of the candy cane, which she laminated to make bookmarks!
 Maggie was super pleased with both!  Thank you, Ms. Hannah, for all the goodies and a great Book Club meeting!  
Happy reading, everyone!

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