Thursday, November 29, 2012

God Bless the Gargoyles

Yesterday was our third Book Club meeting for the year and we met at Anna's house for a reading of this great book, God Bless the Gargoyles by Dav Pilkey.
Here is the crew, ready to read!
 Our reader for this meeting was actually Lucy, who did a great job!
After we finished the book, we ate a snack at the table, decorated with gargoyles!  
We had angel food cake ...
 ... and these cute little angels, each made with a mini pretzel, a Bugle (these were caramel-flavored), an oyster cracker, a cheerio for the halo, and a small amount of icing to hold it all together!  (They turned out so cute, Anna!)
 Then it was time for our craft, this "stained glass" church building with gargoyle silhouettes perched on top!  
Here is a close-up of Anna's.
 First, we glued bits of colored tissue paper onto a white cut-out of our church building.
 Here is Maggie, with all of her tissue paper bits, glued on.
Then, we glued our white buildings onto these large pieces of blue paper, glued a black paper "frame" of our buildings over our tissued side (Thanks, Anna, for all that cutting you did!), and decorated these little black paper gargoyles for placing on our buildings.  (This one is Lucy's.)
 Here is Mags'!
 Then, Maggie insisted on adding "stars" with the cool metallic crayons Anna had!
 Great job, Leah!  :)
 Cool, Lucy!  :)
 Olivia's!  :)
 After we were finished with our meeting, Anna sent each child home with a small loaf of angel food cake for later!  Cute!
 Happy crafting!

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