Thursday, November 1, 2012

Election Day "CANDY-dates"

Today, we had a Home Scholars (our homeschooling co-op) meeting, and the theme was "Election Day."  My friend, Stacey, hosted, and she did a GREAT job with it and I wanted to share!  She used Halloween candy (which we now all have plenty of!) to teach about the election process in time for next week.  Here is what she did ...

First, we registered to vote using real voter registration forms (which you can find online).
Here are Stacey and Grace, filling out Grace's form.
 Then, after we turned in our registration forms, we got our Voter Registration Cards, to use as photo IDs when it was time to cast our ballots.  
 Here is Liam, drawing a picture of himself for his Voter Registration Card!  :)
 Olivia's Voter Registration Card!  :)
 Then, our group was split up into two parties ... the "Sugar Party" and the "Chocolate Party!"  Each party was given four selected candidates (or "CANDY-dates") to choose from.  The Sugar Party's "CANDY-dates" were Air Heads, candy corn, Smarties, and Jujyfruits.  The Chocolate Party's "CANDY-dates" were Whoppers, M&Ms, Hershey's chocolate, and Kit Kat.  
 Here is the Chocolate Party, getting together to discuss their "CANDY-dates."
Here is Liam, going through his "CANDY-dates."
Then, it was time to vote in the Primary Election!  Here were the ballots!  (Stacey did such a great job!)
Lining up to cast their votes in the Primaries!  :)
 Here is Olivia, casting her vote.
 Here's Maggie, making a tough decision.  (She, being a part of the Sugar Party, voted Air Heads as her "CANDY-date!"  Oops!  It's supposed to be a secret ballot, isn't it?)  :)
 Casting her vote ...
 Time for Liam's vote!
 While the votes were being counted and we awaited the results of the Primary Election, the voters filled out this questionnaire ... "If I were elected President, the first thing I would do for children all around the world would be to ____."  Maggie's response was, "I would make sure every kid had toys."  :)
 And the results of the Primaries?  The "CANDY-date" representing the Sugar Party was candy corn and the "CANDY-date" representing the Chocolate Party was Whoppers!  The race was now on!  After we got the results of the Primaries, we set to work making campaign posters for our party's "CANDY-date."  
 Here is Maggie's campaign poster in the works, for candy corn!
 Here is Olivia, telling us why candy corn should win!  :)
 Maggie's campaign poster ... "Vote CANDY CORN!"
 Olivia's campaign poster!
 Amelia, from the Chocolate Party!  :)
 And here's Grace, also campaigning for Chocolate!  :)
 Before casting our final ballots in the General Election, we sampled the two "CANDY-dates" to make an informed decision!  (It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it!)  :)
 Here's Maggie, casting her final ballot in the General Election.  (She voted candy corn.)
 After our ballots were cast, we made "I VOTED" stickers to wear!
 Here is Olivia's sticker, complete with a Georgia peach, fashioned after the one she saw Mommy wearing!  :)
 The final vote?  WHOPPERS!  What a great election!  And we learned so much!
Why don't you come up with your own election lesson?  :)

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