Thursday, November 8, 2012

Anyone fancy a spot of tea?

So today, we studied the United Kingdom with our Home Scholars group, complete with a British potluck, a lesson, stories, and crafts!  Here is what we did ...

 Maggie and I decided to make a cake for the potluck, an Earl Grey tea cake, using tea in place of the regular water required with this boxed cake mix.  (It gave it a light tea flavor and was quite good!)
We then decided to decorate our cake as the flag for the United Kingdom, using colored fondant.  (We were quite proud with the end result!)  
Here is our food table at Home Scholars, ready for everyone to dig in!
 Hannah made tiny tea sandwiches, egg salad and turkey and cheese.  (The kids loved these!)
 I also brought "bangers and mash" (mashed potatoes and little beef sausage links).  I used an ice cream scoop to place a "plopful" of mashed potatoes into little foil liners, then topped that with two "bangers."  Why not?  :)
 And Kayleen brought these wonderful strawberry jam tarts!  (They were so good!)
 We also (of course!) had tea, complete with honey, cream, and sugar cubes!  (It's no big surprise the kids went nuts over the sugar cubes!)
Here are some of the materials we used in the lesson.
 Then, Hannah showed the kids a world map, to show them where the United Kingdom is in relation to our country.
One of the cute books Hannah read to the kids was this Usborne book, Knight Fight by Lesley Sims.
The stories were a hit!
 We then learned more about knights, including more about their coat of arms.  (They were used in battle not only for defense, but to identify each other.)
 And, of course, what else than a little Shakespeare?  
Finally, it was craft time!  First, we made a coat of arms, like you see here.  (This was the example I made for the children to use as a reference.)  I had cut out the main shape from heavy cardstock and cut out smaller pieces from white paper for the inside.  Each piece is representative of the bearer.  For example, the piece on the top left is what is most important to me, Jesus.  The top right is what I want to be good at, being a mom.  The bottom left is a picture of my family.  And the bottom right is the animal I'm most like ... the mule!  (Yeah, Mom, I hear you laughing!)  In the very center, I put the first initial of my last name and my coat of arms was complete!
On the back, we taped a loop of heavy card stock so the kids could hold their coat of arms like a shield.  
 Here is the group, working!
Here are Maggie and Olivia, showing off their coat of arms!  (Of course, Maggie chose red!)  :)
Then, for our second craft, inspired by a similar craft I saw on the Family Fun website, we made these "Spot of Tea" cards.  For the same, you need a blank card, some scrapbooking paper, an unopened tea bag, some string, a stapler, glue, scissors, and something to write with.  First, I had cut this teacup out of the scrapbooking paper and glued it to the front of my card.  (Be sure to just glue the bottom and sides, leaving the top unglued, or else you won't be able to slip your teabag in!)  I also made a small teabag tag, labeling the tag to who the card was intended for, and stapled on the string.  I then glued the string to the inside of the cup.  Finally, once it was dry, I slipped in the unopened teabag.  Cute!
On the inside, the kids glued on this saying ...
 Then, they signed their names to the bottom.  :)
To complete our morning of learning about the United Kingdom, each child got his/her passport stamped!  Here is Maggie, quite proud of hers!  :)

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