Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Emmett!

So, our kitten is one.  And, of course, being the corny, obliging Mom that I am, we had a birthday party.  For the cat.  (Oh, the things you do for your kids!) Enjoy the photos!

Here, Mags is working on Emmett's cake ... turkey pate with cat treats to decorate!  (Yuck.)
Once the candle on his "cake" was lit, we "meowed" the "Happy Birthday" song to him!
 He was eager to get his teeth into that cake!  (Glad someone was!)
 Best buddies!
And, of course, what's a birthday without presents?!  We wrapped his gift in Hello Kitty paper (very appropriate, we thought, as long as he doesn't mind the pink) and tied it with the paper cord he likes to bat so much!  
 What was inside?  A chirping mouse and a catnip-filled banana!
 The banana was a hit!  He got wild and started batting at me while I took his picture!
 Funny boy!
Happy birthday, sweet boy!
 Oh, what will this kid think up next?

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