Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Tower of Babel

Welcome to our second week of Kindergarten!  The first week was a bit crazy, but it will take us a while to get back into things.  The important thing is that we're having fun.

First off, I am proud to introduce you to my little American Heritage Girl!  Last night was her first meeting and she was tickled to wear her little uniform.  (She will soon be wearing her AHG Pathfinder necklace, once she starts earning beads for it.)  She was so excited, she asked me if she could wear it to Wednesday Night Supper at our church tomorrow night to show everybody, until I reminded her that she might actually get Wednesday Night Supper on it!  That made her change her mind!  Funny girl!  :)
 Here she is, working on her folder project at her meeting last night, with her new friend, Ariel, and her leader, Ms. Ann.
 Today, for our Bible study, we covered the Tower of Babel.  After we read the same from our Bible, we took advantage of these great bulletins our church puts out every week, which can be found at  http://www.childrensbulletins.com/.  
Here is Mags working out of it, finding the differences in the two pictures of the tower.
 Then, we set out to make a Tower of Babel craft, with inspiration from both http://www.examiner.com/article/preschool-parsha-noach-the-tower-of-babel-crafts-and-activities-for-kids and http://auntiesbiblelessons.wordpress.com/2011/08/10/tower-of-babel/.  (I liked the use of the paper towel roll tube from the first site and the spiral staircase idea from the second site, so I simply combined the two.)  For this craft, you will need an empty paper towel roll tube, a small paper plate for the base, brown and green paint, a small rectangular piece of dry sponge, cotton balls, scissors, glue, and a piece of brown construction paper, cut into a circle, and then cut again into a spiral, with a Bible verse from the Tower of Babel story (Genesis 11:1-9) written along the spiral.
 First, using your dry sponge, make brick patterns along your tube (your tower) by dipping into your brown paint and sponging on, leaving gaps in between each "brick."  (As a part of our study, we also learned how they made bricks in those days, using mud and straw packed tightly, then left to dry in the sun.)
 Looking good, Mags!  :)
Once painted, let dry.
 After your paint has dried, use a little glue to attach each end of the paper spiral to each end of the tube, then spread out evenly to look like stairs going up your tower.  Glue the tower to your base and glue your cotton balls to the top, for clouds.
 Lastly, we added some green and brown paint to the base.
Here is our Tower of Babel!  :)
This week, we're covering the topic of Stranger Danger.  To start, we read Not Everyone Is Nice: Helping Children Learn Caution With Strangers by Frederick Alimonti and Ann Tedesco, Ph.D.  We also talked about the Dos and Don'ts when it comes to strangers.  (We'll be doing a few more things this week to expand on this.)
And today, we officially started her math textbook, Singapore Mathematics 1A (until we move on to 1B in the second half of the year)!  This was exciting for both of us!  (We're moving on up!)  But first, before we cracked open our book, we added some sight words to our sight word list -- our number words, zero to ten.  (Some are pre-printed from a pack I had bought at the Dollar Tree, but others I wrote in to make a complete set.)
 Here, Mags is going over them before I mixed them up and had her match them to their numeral.  she did quite well!
 And, here she is, coveting her new textbook!  Big girl stuff!  :)
Also this week, we are covering maps in Geography/Social Studies, so we'll be well prepared to use them all year.  To get started, we read The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library: There’s a Map on My Lap! All About Maps by Tish Rabe ... 
... and Me On the Map by Joan Sweeney.  Both are GREAT books, though honestly, I wouldn't post any books I didn't think were awesome resources!  We will be delving into maps all week so stay tuned!
And, finally, we played a game of Pooh's Word Builder to make and learn some new words.
It was a great day and because of her great attitude, she earned herself quite a handful of TV money!  :)  
See you tomorrow!


  1. I love your tower of babel craft here. I'm doing a round up at Meaningful Mama and would love to include your idea. I would use one photo and a link back. Please let me know if this is NOT OK. Thanks, Jodi