Saturday, September 29, 2012

Squirrel Munch

Unfortunately, I am way behind on posting because of a family emergency we had to tend to out of town.  My dear father-in-law has been given just weeks to live and so, of course, family comes first.  This post (and one more today) will be the last ones you'll see for probably about two weeks, as we are leaving again soon to go be with him.  My plan is to homeschool from there, so I will post project ideas when I get back, but until then, we will be absent from the blog.  I know you all understand and I appreciate your patience.

This post is about the first meeting of our Book Club.  We started this club with two of my favorite homeschooling moms, Hannah and Anna (yes, I ALWAYS accidentally call them each other's name!), and their wonderful children, to give us another way to co-op learn and share some of our families' favorite reads!  Hannah hosted first, with this great reading of A Squirrel's Tale ... by Richard Fowler, a great interactive book you can get through Usborne Books, which you can purchase on Hannah's site at
The book is so fun!  As you read it, you move the little squirrel in and out of the slots on each page so he travels along with you as you read!
After the book, the kids gathered around Hannah's decorated Fall table for a snack and some crafting!
Here are Mags and Olivia, enjoying some warm apple cider!  :)
And here is Leah, trying some, too!  :)
On the Fall snack mix Hannah put together, she wrote this little sign ... "Squirrel Munch!"  Cute!
Squirrel Munch!
It was full of yummy things, including Auntie Anne's little organic chocolate bunnies!  :)
It was Lucy-approved!
After our snack, we put together this cute foam squirrel craft that Hannah picked up from Oriental Trading Company.
He looks great!  We glued a magnet on the back and he now lives on our fridge!  
Our first Book Club meeting was a success and we're looking forward to the next one, which I'll be hosting in late October to honor World Pasta Day!  Stay tuned.  In the meantime, "Happy Fall, Ya'll!"  :)

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