Thursday, September 13, 2012

O, Canada!

We have been busy preparing for today's country study on Canada with our homeschooling group, and I thought I'd share some pictures from the same to inspire you in your own Canadian study!  In this first photo, Mags is busy painting the salt dough map we started on Monday.  
 All done and ready to present! 
 (Here's a close-up.  We painted the mountains with a bit of brown to distinguish them from the plains.)
And for our potluck, we made our veggie tray to look like the Canadian flag with grape tomatoes, cauliflower, and this red pepper "maple leaf!" 
 My friend, Hannah, made this great flag from construction paper to hang from our buffet table!
 And we had the real thing to go with the delicious apple pancakes Kathryn made!  :)
 The Canadian flag cake my friend, Amber, made!
 Our buffet, with apple pancakes and maple syrup, Canadian bacon on "Mile-high Biscuits", our veggie flag with dip, mini shepherd's pies, a Canadian beef and noodles, Canadian flag cake, apple pie, and Canada Dry Ginger Ale!
 Everything was so good!
 Hannah started out with a great story.
 Then, we had lunch!  Here is Mags, with her buddy, Olivia!  :)
 We discussed the map of Canada, its geography, and some things that are native to Canada.
 Then, we presented our projects.  Here, Michael and Amber are showing the poster they put together and singing us a great song on all things Canadian!  (They were such a hit!)  :)
 Liam showed us this picture of a beaver he colored.
 Olivia is showing off her Canadian lapbook ...
 ... and telling us about the animals native to Canada.
 Stacey and Grace shared with us their project on Canadian currency ...
 ... then, we heard about cost comparisons for everyday items in both the US and Canada.
 After the presentations, the kids got their passports stamped!  (Maggie was quite excited about hers!)
 And, finally, it was outside to play!
We had a great time, but now we must get ready for tomorrow's Mayflower co-op.  See you then!  :)


  1. great pics :) Had a wonderful time! Love ya!

  2. Thanks! We had fun as well! Love you, too, Amber! See you Thursday when we let Hannah teach us all about Biblical feasts! Yay! :)