Monday, September 10, 2012

"My Place in the World"

So to answer your question, yes, we worked on a Monday.  For those of you who don't know, Mondays are my husbands only real day off, so I school Maggie from Tuesday to Saturday, but we had some more catch-up to do after Week 1, and I didn't want it to bleed into Week 2 tomorrow.  Poor kid. Hopefully, we can get all our work done in time this week so she can have her two days off.  

To wrap up the week, we started with our Bible study, today's story being about Noah and the Ark.  After reading the story from her Bible, we started listening to this great audio material (Thanks for the great suggestion, Cheryl!) by Adventures in Odyssey and got to work on today's journal entry.
 For her journal entry, I asked her, "If you had been on the Ark with Noah, what would you have done for all those days you were stuck inside?"  She answered, "I would have walked around and played with the animals."  Then, she drew this cute picture of herself, petting a tiger.  (I love that he has five legs!)  :)
After we talked about the covenant God made with Noah and the rainbow He put in the sky, we set out to explore rainbows a bit more.  First, we read The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Chasing Rainbows by Tish Rabe.
 Then, we tried making our own, using a half-full pitcher of water, a small hand mirror, a flashlight, and a white background.  (We used a sheet of white paper.)  Be sure to turn off the lights, like we did here.  Next, submerge your hand mirror in the water so it is covered.  (We used some marbles to get it to stand upright.)
 Then, place your white paper next to the pitcher and shine your flashlight into the submerged mirror.
 We were able to see the bands of color (rainbows) that resulted from the reflection of light and water.  (I tried to get a picture of it, below.)
After we wrapped up our Bible study, we did a bit of math, first watching the episode of our Busytown Mysteries: The Biggest Mysteries Ever! DVD, entitled, "The Jellybean List Mystery."
After we watched "The Jellybean List Mystery," we set out to graph our own collection of jellybeans, using these "Jelly Bean Math!" sheets and stickers I bought through Oriental Trading Company.
Here's Mags, working hard!  :)
All done!  (After she graphed them, we talked about less and more, and then, of course, we ate our work!)  :)
Today, we wrapped up our "Where We Are In the World" study with Cities and Towns.  We started by reading In My Town by Mari C. Schuh.
For lunch, Mags ate this "Healthy House" sandwich, made simply with provolone cheese windows, a cucumber door and window panes, carrot curtains, and a celery chimney.  (The roof is simply the darker heel piece of the loaf of bread and inside the house were ham and cheese.)  
 She was tickled with it!  :)
Later, we completed this awesome "My Place in the World" project idea found at (also a great site!), which has her use a homemade flip book to narrow down her place in the world, from the planet Earth, to her house!  (This is what we've been doing all week, from our study of the universe on Tuesday to our study of towns today.)  For the same, you need construction paper, scissors, glue, markers, a hole punch, and a small binder ring.  For the first step, cut out six circles from different colors of paper, each circle smaller than the one before it, like below.  Use your hole punch to make one hole through every circle so that they will line up like shown.
 Then, label them like we did here, being sure the "My Planet" label is on the largest circle all the way up to the "My House" label on the smallest circle.  
Once our circles were ready, I found small clip art pictures online of the planet Earth, North America, the United States, our state, and so on, which I printed out for her to color.  We then adhered each picture to its appropriate circle.
 On the top circle (the "My House" circle), she drew a picture of her house.  Very cute!  And now she can see how she is a part of the whole picture!  Such a great idea!
We haven't started studying specific countries yet at home, but our Home Scholars group recognizes one country per month in one of our weekly meetings, and this week, we'll cover Canada, so we had to do a little research (and a small project to share with the group) at home.  First, we started by reading Canada by Janice Hamilton.
Then, to make our project applicable to what we're learning in our home studies (countries and this coming week, maps), I thought we could make a map of Canada.  I didn't want to just draw or color one, since Daddy was home and we could have a bit more fun with it, so I decided on a salt dough map, complete with a Canadian flag sticking out of it!  I found the directions for making a salt dough map at  For salt dough, you need equal parts flour and salt (we used 2 cups of each).  Then, you gradually add water and mix until your dough is the same consistency as Play Dough.  Here, Mags is getting our dough ready!
After we had drawn a map of Canada (with Daddy's help) onto the bottom of a shallow box, we placed our prepared salt dough along the lines of our drawing to cover it.  (We were sure to make Canada's mountains higher than their plains.)
 Then, we popped in this little Canadian flag we put together (again, just clip art from online, with a small wooden skewer attached), into the highest part of our salt dough, so that it would be well stuck for when our salt dough is dry.  Once dry, probably tomorrow, we will paint it.
Happy homeschooling!


  1. I love Adventures in Odyssey! I grew up listening to them on the radio. :) I love all the hands on learning. Too cool! We must be on the same brain wave or something lol because we also did a salt dough Canada. We made it Saturday but are just painting it today. It's not as detailed as yours though. We don't have mountains and plains etc. It's secondary to our song. I figured we needed to do something serious too. Our song is a bit goofy. People are going to think we're copying each other lol. Seriously I saw that flag cake before I got on Facebook. Great minds think alike, eh? ;)
    We didn't put the flag on our map though. We made a poster to go with the song so used it there. Salt dough is awesome for everything! Five legged tigers are the best! You're a super mommy and it's great Dad got involved too. Love, Amber D.

  2. Amber, that is too funny that we both did a salt dough map! LOL! And with your cake map and my veggie map, it will certainly look like we convened and came up with a plan! Haha! After looking at your blog and your Pinterest boards, I think we homeschool alike, too! So funny! I look forward to seeing you Thursday! :)

    P.S. Maybe we should get together and discuss our plans for next month's Egypt study! :)