Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Two weeks and counting ...

Less than two weeks to go before the start of Mags' big Kindergarten year, and there's still so much to do!  She turns five on Friday (I cannot believe it!) and with her upcoming party and all things associated with the new school year, I am worn out!  I'm hoping to get everything done with a few days to spare, though, so I'm not too pooped when we start.  This year, we will start our Countries Study in Social Studies/Geography, and while researching, I came across this GREAT site that I wanted to share.  It's called Worldwide Culture Swap, and the link for it is http://www.worldwidecultureswap.com/. Basically, by joining, you are connected with four other families internationally who each prepare four boxes to represent their homeplace for the other four families in their circle.  Once mailed, each person gets four represented countries mailed back to them!  The photos of these participants' boxes are on the site, and there are some really neat things shared!  We will find out which four countries we will be aligned with in the next four weeks and we can't wait!  It is going to be a GREAT resource! Check it out!

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