Thursday, August 16, 2012

Planning, planning, planning ...

So, just a little over two weeks left to go before Mags starts her Kindergarten year, and this Mama has been busy!  Besides all the curriculum planning I've been doing, I've been scheduling our activities for the next twelve months and planning her 5th birthday party for next week!  (I still cannot believe my little baby will be five!)  August is always my busiest month!  (It's even busier than December!)  Despite all the craze, though, I have thought about this post and am finally here to write it.

I came up with an idea, an incentive really, for this new school year.  One of the things that drove me batty in the last year was Maggie's lack of confidence.  When she is sure she knows something, she does it well and with pride, but when she is unsure of herself, she is quite reluctant and timid. If I lightly push her, out come the tears!  Not this year, I hope!  I posted this "Class Rules" poster in out classroom, and discussed them with her in advance so that she knows what is expected of her.  Very simply, they are:
  1. No complaining.
  2. You must try.
  3. Never give up!
  4. Do your best.
  5. HAVE FUN!

Pretty easy, right?  We'll see.  To give her some incentive, I purchased this little reward chart at Target from the dollar bins.  I then put some daily goals on it for her.  If she meets each goal, she gets a sticker next to that item for that day.  They are:

1.  Read out loud happily.
2.  Write with no complaints.
3.  No crying over schoolwork.

After 25 stickers (which she could attain in less than two weeks), she can pick one prize from the bin, a treasure chest!
And here it is!  Isn't it awesome?!  I bought it this week at Hobby Lobby (all of their baskets and bins are 50% off) for only $12!  And it will last forever.  (It would have cost more to have a cardboard one shipped to me!)  I am thrilled with it and Maggie is more than intrigued.  (Score!)
 Inside, there are treasures (dollar bin finds and such) that I can keep adding to throughout the year!  She cannot wait to start earning stickers!  Here's to hoping this idea works!
And, for one last idea, I thought I'd share the invitation I made for Maggie's birthday party, a bug party, complete with A Bug's Life stamps, bought at the post office!  they are simply made with scrapbooking paper, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners.  I attached the wings with a brad so that when the bug's wings spread, the invitation can be read on the inside.  It reads (with some info omitted for our privacy):

Here's a bug in your ear about a little soiree ...
Maggie soon will be celebrating her 5th birthday!

Make a beeline to the __(insert your last name here)__ hive on __(day)__, August ___, and swarm on in for some lunch, bug fun, and games!  Infestation time is from ___ to ___, so don't move at a snail's pace!  Bee here, or give us a buzzzz if you can't fly by!
See you again soon!  The wait will be worth it!  In the meantime, happy crafting!