Saturday, August 4, 2012

Olivia's Yo Gabba Gabba Party

I wanted to share some pictures from our friend's Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party today.  Susie, a dear friend of mine, did a great job in planning it and I thought you'd like to see her cute, cute ideas!
 Check out the cute Yo Gabba Gabba banner she made with all the characters' faces!  Just construction paper pieces and black marker!  So clever!
She also made each child a shirt with those faces on them!  So personal!  :)
My favorite thing was these Muno pretzel sticks!  Simply melt some red candy melts (found in any craft store in the baker's section), dip your pretzel rods in, and add the sugar eyes while still wet!  Let dry on a piece of wax paper.  So adorable!
 Mags was quite fond of them!
And so was the birthday girl!  :)
 Here, Mags and Paisley are sporting their T-shirts Susie made!  (These were such a hit!)
 In front of the Yo Gabba Gabba mural ...
 The whole crew, decked out!  :)
 These next three shots I just wanted to share because they are classic.  Here, Olivia is not sure how she feels about her candle being lit.  (Isn't that a snazzy Foofa-inspired cake?!)
 Then, it was utter displeasure.  ("Nooo.")
 Finally, a second later, it was, "Hey, this isn't so bad!"  So funny!  I love that Livy-girl!  :)

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!  Thanks, Sus, for a great time and for letting me share your ideas!

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