Friday, August 31, 2012

2nd Annual Back-to-School Brunch!

So, this morning was our 2nd annual "Back-to-School Brunch!"  What fun we had!  I made a bigger deal out of it this year (Why not?) and thought you might enjoy seeing some of the preparations we made so you can put together your own brunch!  Here ya' go ...

Of course, we had to put a sign on our little buffet to welcome everyone!  (I buy cheap frames when I see them and use them for things like this throughout the year.)
Our little buffet!  (Thank you, Anna and Hannah, for such delicious contributions!)
Our dining table, covered with brown paper, with little buckets of crayons waiting to be used ...
I set up Maggie's chalkboard easel, too!
Anna's DEE-LISH quiche!  (Just waiting on that recipe, my friend!)
Here are Hannah's cinnamon rolls worth fighting over!  (SOOOO good!)
 Fruit kabobs!  (Who doesn't love food on a stick?)  :)
 The kids dug in and got right to work decorating the table while we talked about the school year!
The "Back-to-School Brunch" Crew!  :)
 Three cute girls!  :)
The aftermath!  (Everyone left the table full and happy!)  :)
 After brunch, we did a few activities, one of which was dropping the pencils in the bucket (we later switched to a taller jar) to see who could get the most in.
 Lucy won with 4 pencils!  :)
Years ago, I bought these little crayon note cards in the dollar bins at Michael's and decided to use them today to make a time capsule for each child to open at next year's brunch.  Each child got one of each color and each card had a question on it to answer.  
I had made these little "crayon boxes" out of paper to put their crayons in when they were done answering their questions.
 Once filled, they would look like this!  (Cute!)
Here, they are divvying up their crayons to start!  
Olivia, packing her box!  :)
Once our time capsules were complete, we sealed them in bags and put them away until next year's brunch!  
For the last activity, I used my decor (these crayon cut-outs) to make a game.  I yelled out a clue (for example, "This is the color of Elmo!") and they would run to the right crayon.  The first person to the right color would win a small prize.  I yelled out clues until everyone had a prize.
 Finally, they took these little goody bags to go (filled with pencils, stickers, erasers, candy, and a special surprise you'll see below).
 In each person's apple note (I picked up a pack of 8 of these note cards for $1 at Dollar Tree), I wrote a sweet message.
And, finally, the surprise in their bags that I referred to earlier were these super cool candy pencils I made!  I got the idea from, but as with most things, I did it a bit differently to be a bit more economical (I don't have a crimper and didn't want to purchase one, so I went without).  They turned out so cute!
For your candy pencils, you need rolls of Rolo candies (1 roll per pencil), Hershey's kisses (1 kiss per pencil), yellow paper, pink paper, aluminum foil, scissors, and adhesive (I used several as you will see below).  
On the yellow paper, I had printed "No. 2" and "Happy New School Year!" on my computer to fit each Rolo roll.  Then, I cut the paper to fit.
Once wrapped, I adhered the paper at the back (farthest from the printed words) with a piece of Scotch tape.
Then, it was time to attach the kiss to our pencil.  I didn't want to use glue since the paper is so thin between each candy, so I used Zots dots to adhere the pencil's tip (the Hershey's kiss).
Looking good!  Then, it was time for the eraser!
I simply cut a small strip from the pink paper and adhered it to the top of the yellow paper with a glue stick!  So easy!
I followed that with a sliver of the aluminum foil, also adhered with the glue stick, to match the metal clasp you see on real pencils.  All done!  They looked great and they were a hit!  :)
And finally, for the moms (my two wonderful friends!), I put some highlighters in a cellophane bag, closed it with some curling ribbon and added this cute note!
The day was a blast!  We can't wait to do it again next year!  Until then, there will be so much to peek in on and see!  Be sure to come back after our first day of Kindergarten next Tuesday!  HAPPY LABOR DAY!