Friday, July 27, 2012

Tie-dye Playdate

As I stated in an earlier post today, we have been super busy this summer! One of the things that I absolutely had to make time for, though, was a "Tie-dye Playdate" for Maggie's friends!  (To be honest, I think the moms were more excited than the kids, and we ended up doing all the work, but everyone had a good time because we were among friends.)  Here are some photos to inspire you so you can have your own tie-dye day!

For a snack, I made these "Tie-dye Cupcakes," using boxed cake mix, made according to the box's directions, separated, and colored.  Once I had six bowls of colored batter, I spooned different colors into these awesome cupcake liners I found, baked, and once cooled, topped with vanilla frosting.  Yum!
 Then, we all headed to Susie's for some tie-dying fun!
 Olivia came already dressed the part!  :)
 Lucy dove right in!  (I think eight years is a great starting age for this activity.  The younger kids weren't as interested.)
 Getting started!
 We got Elliott's expert help on our shirt-twisting!  :)
 Olivia, waiting to pick her colors for her shirt!  :)
 Hannah, working on Liam's shirt.
 Anna, tying a dress.
 Sus!  :)
 Maggie's completed shirts, drying on the counter! 
Have a groovy day!   :)