Friday, July 27, 2012

Tie-dye Playdate

As I stated in an earlier post today, we have been super busy this summer! One of the things that I absolutely had to make time for, though, was a "Tie-dye Playdate" for Maggie's friends!  (To be honest, I think the moms were more excited than the kids, and we ended up doing all the work, but everyone had a good time because we were among friends.)  Here are some photos to inspire you so you can have your own tie-dye day!

For a snack, I made these "Tie-dye Cupcakes," using boxed cake mix, made according to the box's directions, separated, and colored.  Once I had six bowls of colored batter, I spooned different colors into these awesome cupcake liners I found, baked, and once cooled, topped with vanilla frosting.  Yum!
 Then, we all headed to Susie's for some tie-dying fun!
 Olivia came already dressed the part!  :)
 Lucy dove right in!  (I think eight years is a great starting age for this activity.  The younger kids weren't as interested.)
 Getting started!
 We got Elliott's expert help on our shirt-twisting!  :)
 Olivia, waiting to pick her colors for her shirt!  :)
 Hannah, working on Liam's shirt.
 Anna, tying a dress.
 Sus!  :)
 Maggie's completed shirts, drying on the counter! 
Have a groovy day!   :)

"One small step for man ..."

So I've been working like a mad fiend trying to get our new school year's curriculum ready, and while going through some of my photo folders on my computer, found this picture of our moon cake I forgot to share.  It was easily made, using a bowl to bake a boxed cake mix in, then iced with canned frosting, mixed with crushed Oreo cookie crumbs for texture and to achieve the grayish color.  We used chocolate Necco wafers to make the moon's craters, and finally, topped it off with an American flag pick.  (I think the only color better to put your cake on than this blue would be black.)  So cute!  

VBS Snacks

I know, I know, I know.  It's been forever.  I have heard it plenty of times, I assure you, but to say we have been incredibly busy this summer is the understatement of the year!  We have been working, but unfortunately, I've not been blogging.  I am so overdue and I'm sorry.  I thought you'd enjoy a post with the snacks I did for our church for this year's Vacation Bible School (VBS).  It was fun, and though I was quite nervous about making snacks on this scale (I'm used to making snacks for just one), everything went well and everyone seemed happy.  I may even sign up to do it again next year! Anyway, enjoy these ideas.  You will be happy to know that I have been feverishly working on the new school year's curriculum (Maggie's Kindergarten year!) and her birthday party as well, so new posts will follow soon!  Thanks for holding out on us!

Our pastor came up with our VBS curriculum, based on adventure stories from the Bible.  The first night, Monday night, we delved into Noah's Ark, so I decided to make rainbow cookies.  Here is my table for that first night.  (I used a blue tablecloth with blue cellophane on top to resemble water.)
 The rainbow cookies were icebox cookies, each layer colored and rolled into the next colored layer.  Just slice and bake.  Here is a tutorial for more information, though I used less colors than she did and a different recipe ...  The kids loved them!
My posters on the wall above the table read,
"2 cookies for me and 2 for you;
Please take your cookies 2 by 2!"
- and -
"God sent us rainbows to show us He cares;
Whenever we see one, we know that He's there."
 My husband carved an ark out of a watermelon, which we filled with fruit to go with the cookies.  (Notice little Noah next to it?)
Maggie on Night 1, having fun!  :)
 For her Bible class that night, Ms. Hannah and Ms. Beth had the kids use umbrellas for "the coming storm." Cute!
 Heading into her class with her buddy, Olivia!  :)
For Night 2, we learned about Moses parting the Red Sea.  Here is my table.  (I reused the blue tablecloth from the night before, and simply added a brown paper "dirt path" to the center to represent the parted sea.) The sayings above read,
"Moses trusted God, and I can too;
Just like Moses, I know God is true!"
- and -
"With God as my guide, there is one thing I know;
He always shows me which way I should go!"
For the snack, I made the parted Red Sea using blue Jell-O jigglers on a blue plate, with Teddy Graham "Israelites" crossing in between the jigglers on a graham cracker floor, held up with hardened mocha frosting.  (Peanut butter would have been easier to use, but we had children with allergies attending.)  Finally, I stuck little flags into the jigglers, with sayings that we might have heard the Israelites mutter!  This one says, "C'mon, guys!  This way out of Egypt!"  (Please don't think this idea is original.  I found the idea online, and unfortunately, can no longer find the link to reference it.  I always give credit where credit is due.  The only contribution that I made were the flags and sayings.)
 "Follow Moses!"
 "Run!  Run!  Run!"
 Maggie, having dinner and her Red Sea Snack with her friends, Liam and Olivia.
 At the night's Opening Ceremony.  :)
 For that night's Bible class, the kids ran into the room between two large pieces of blue fabric held up by Ms. Hannah and Ms. Beth, like little Israelites running through the Red Sea!  So clever!
 Here, Mags and Olivia are blowing into a bowl of water to see if they can part it like Moses did. 
 At Recreation time, playing a game with Pastor Chip!  :)
 For Night 3, we learned about the Ark of the Covenant, so what better to have for dessert than a Commandments tablets cake?  We used a gold tablecloth, gold plates, and laid the cake on gold boards, surrounded by palms.  The saying above read, 
"God, Your rules are all that I need;
I want to follow wherever You lead!"
 The cake was covered in marbled fondant and we used edible sugar sheets with the kid-friendly Commandments printed on them in sugar!
 Tablet I.
 Tablet II.
 (I added an eleventh Commandment!)  :)
 Maggie, in Arts and Crafts, working on her Ark of the Covenant craft with Ms. Sharon.  
 For the fourth night, we studied David and Goliath, the desert, and Goliath's swords.  Here is my table, simply covered with brown paper to represent the desert.  The sayings for tonight:
"I am brave with God by my side;
I am strong -- I don't have to hide!"
- and -
"Because God's love is all around me,
A shield of safety will surround me!"
For that night's snack, I made "Desert Dessert," better known as blonde Oreo dirt cups.  (Instead of chocolate pudding and Oreos, I used vanilla pudding and graham crackers.)  
 On top of the "Desert Dessert" I placed two crossed "Goliath's Swords."
"Goliath's Swords" consisted of nothing but a halved grape and two pretzel sticks, shoved through each half to resemble a sword.  Crossed, they looked even better.  (I got the idea for these at
 Of course, what is a pudding and cookie dessert cup without gummy worms?  I called them "sandworms," and as the kids picked up their snack, I told them to use their "Goliath's Swords" to slay their "sandworms."  They loved it.
 Excited for another night!  :)
 Ready to work on their swords in Arts and Crafts ...
My girl!  :)
Here, Mags is enjoying her first ride on a horse in Recreation time!  She wasn't the least bit afraid!  :)
Finally for our last night of VBS, Friday night, Night 5, we studied Jesus' empty tomb.  I got the idea for this great snack at, and to decorate my table, I used Spring colors, light yellow with green plates to represent grass.  For the night's saying, I wrote, 
"God can do anything -- yes, He can!
He even made Jesus alive again!"
 The snack consisted of a graham cracker smeared with chocolate icing (again, peanut butter would have been better, but I was accommodating children with allergies) and then sprinkled with shredded coconut colored green.  Then, I cut a sliver off the bottom of a mini chocolate doughnut to make it flat, and placed that on the iced graham cracker.  Using more icing, I stuck a mini Oreo cookie to the side of the doughnut's hole to represent the stone rolled away at Jesus' tomb.  Finally, I stuck little flags into the doughnuts, saying, "He is risen!" and "Alleluia!"  (Unfortunately, it appears that my camera lens was a bit smudged when the pictures were taken.  Sorry.)
 So cute!
 I think they turned out really well!
Maggie, in Arts and Crafts with Olivia, making her tomb craft.
Here, the girls are at the Closing Ceremony of VBS, wearing their new VBS shirts!  It was lots of work, but lots of fun, and we can't wait for next year!

Thanks for checking in with us!