Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"ARRRRRR ... there be treasure!"

In preparation for our upcoming trip to see the new pirates movie, I decided it'd be a great week to study pirates.  Today, we had some friends over (Olivia, Liam, and our new buddy, Emma) to join us in our activities.  We read a couple of books, first, How I Became a Pirate by Melinda Long, and ...
... Do Pirates Take Baths? by Kathy Tucker.  Both were cute reads!
After our stories, we got to work on our first craft, making little treasure chests from the template found at  Here is my completed one that I used as an example for the kids.  
 Mags and Olivia, coloring their templates ...
 Emma and Liam!  :)
 Here are the kids' completed treasure boxes.
Later, I filled each child's treasure box with 'treasure,' candy, a necklace, a shell, gems, and gold stickers.  (You will see more on this in a minute.)
For a snack, I made the same gold coins I made for St. Patrick's Day, just jello jigglers in pineapple flavor, cut with a small circular cookie cutter!
Yummy gold coins!
They were Maggie-approved!  :)
 (Emma liked them, too!)  :)
 For our second craft, we made the 'Ocean in a Jar' that you've seen on the blog in the past, using a small jar, water, cooking oil, blue food coloring, and a small trinket.  (We used a seashell.)  First, fill your jar halfway with water and add a drop of food coloring.  Mix well, like Mags is doing here.
 Then, drop your seashell (or small toy) into your jar, like Liam, below.
Fill the remaining half of your jar with your cooking oil and tightly replace the top.  Gently tip your jar back and forth and watch the waves roll!
Then, when the kids weren't paying attention, I dropped this 'treasure map' (which I had put together last night) on the floor for them to find.
It didn't take long!  :)
 'A treasure map!'  Emma was the first to find 'the "X" marks the spot!'
 After following the map closely, the crew found their filled treasure boxes in this drawer!
 'What's inside?'
It was fun!  :)

Happy crafting!