Thursday, April 19, 2012

O, it was a whale of a good time!

We have been terribly busy these days and it seems I never get around to blogging, but here are a couple of project ideas (on the letter Oo and the story of Jonah and the whale) that I thought I'd pass along:

We finally finished up our review of the two sounds that letter Oo makes.  First, we read Short "o" and Long "o" Play a Game by Jane Belk Moncure, followed by ...
... Phonics Tales! Short o: Todd's Odd Day by Maria Fleming, and ...
... Phonics Tales! Long o: At Home With Mole and Toad by Maria Fleming.
Then, as we've done with our other vowels, we made a chart, using pictures from magazines with either the short o or long o sound, and separated them on the same.  (I've been laminating these as we complete them so we can bind them into a 'Letter Sounds' book for her to page through.)
Then, we read the story of Jonah and the whale, including this book, Stories from The Bible: Jonah and the Whale retold by Kathryn Smith.
It was then on to our whale craft, an idea I got out of the Oriental Trading Company catalog and just recreated at home to save from ordering a kit (or a dozen as OTC sells them).  For the same, we used a small terra cotta pot, blue paint with a paintbrush, large googly eyes, a tail and two fins cut from blue craft foam, two silver pipe cleaners for water (white or light blue would work well, too), and a permanent black marker.
 For the first step, we painted our pot blue.  (This will be our whale's body.)
 Once dry, we used tacky glue to attach the tail, fins, and eyes to the same, making sure the pot was upside down (see below).  We then drew a smile on our whale's face with our permanent marker.  Finally, we cut both of our pipe cleaners into three equal pieces (making six smaller pieces), and fed them through our whale's "blowhole" (the hole in the bottom of the pot, now facing up), bending them on the underside so that they stayed in place, then curled the ends to look like water spewing from the top.  
 So cute!
Great job, Mags!
Happy crafting!

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