Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?"

So, yesterday was eventful.  For those of you who don't know, Al is off on Mondays, so while most of the population is starting another week of work, we are starting our weekend.  I usually work on prepping the upcoming homeschooling week, while Al and Mags pal around at one of our local parks, getting dirty and making memories.  Well, yesterday was just one of those days.  First, it started with them bursting through the door, requesting an empty jar.  Nothing new.  Then I saw that they had a long, fuzzy caterpillar hanging out in Mags' bug box.  Again, nothing new.
They left a second time, then came back again, with two more caterpillars wriggling up Al's arm.  Awesome.
After they got the caterpillars homed, they requested another jar before heading back out.  Great.  I gave them another, then again, they quickly left, leaving me with three confused caterpillars sitting in my kitchen.  It wasn't long before they came bursting through the door a third time.  "We need another jar!  Maybe two!"  Really?  I came around the corner to find the second jar full of tadpoles; 'Toads,' Al said.  Fabulous.  This was becoming a circus!  Then, yet again, they left.  I was getting really nervous at this point, but started to pull out our 'frog materials' I was planning on covering next month in honor of Frog Month.
Then, they came again.  With.  More.  Tadpoles.  Bigger ones.  'Frogs this time,' Al said.  Yeah, why not?
I finally told Al that we had enough critters come in for one day.  (So convenient he would be going back to work the next day for the entire week, leaving me with the job of caring for them all!)  I started an impromptu lesson with Maggie, using the frog life cycle toys I picked up a few weeks ago at the teacher store ($2) ...
... and the poster I had been saving for next month's lesson.
Well, OF COURSE, Maggie and Al had bigger plans, namely, getting our new friends an aquarium so they would be cushier than in the ol' pickle jars Mom had provided.  So, what followed was a jaunty trip to Walmart to purchase a proper pad for these pond swimmers.  Complete with a Spongebob pineapple house.  And that is how our frog learning station was born.
Livin' large ...
She is in frog heaven, though, which makes a mom secretly smile.  (I can't let them know, though!) :)
More crafts to come soon!


  1. That. Is. Awesome! Where did you get the Frog Lifecycle book? The boys would LOVE doing a project like that!

  2. Thanks, Nikki! The Frog Life Cycle poster I got at Oriental Trading Company in the teachers materials section. The only warning about this project ... the pond water is stinky! :)