Friday, March 2, 2012

"Say! I like green eggs and ham! I do! I like them, Sam-I-am!"

Happy Dr. Seuss Day to everyone!  I was especially excited about today because I LOVE Dr. Seuss books, and always have, and I was eager to reveal all the surprises I had planned for Maggie!  I wanted to make this post early in case any of you were still looking for some ideas for this afternoon, so here it is.  Of course, of the things we did, we certainly got a few Dr. Seuss books in, including ...

None other than The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss (How could we not?); 
Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss (Of course!); and 
The Lorax by Dr. Seuss, in preparation for our viewing of the new movie on Monday when Daddy's off from work!
We started the day with a breakfast of none other than green eggs and ham, plus another surprise (a 'Strawberry Shortcake & Milk Cat in the Hat Treat') that I found at, though I made mine just slightly different.  First I used this small decorative cappuccino mug that I found at the Dollar Tree, and some black electric tape, scissors, and though it's not in this picture, my hole punch, to prepare my glass.
 Using my scissors, I cut eyebrows and whiskers from the tape and placed them on the glass.  I used the hole punch to make the eyes and nose and adhered those as well.  Cute!  And the bonus is, when we're done, I can just peel the features off and use the glass again for a St. Patty's Day project we have next week.
 Then, it was time to make the hat, which I made from large strawberries, a long wooden skewer, and whipped cream in a can.
After cleaning the strawberries, cut off the tops and bottoms and stick onto your skewer, leaving gaps, like below, for your whipped cream.  (The whipped cream is the very last thing you want to do, as it tends to ooze after a few minutes of sitting on the skewer.  When you're ready, simply carefully spray the cream around the skewer in the gaps between the strawberries.)
 Then, using some strawberry Fruit by the Foot, I fashioned a tie around the neck of the glass.  Cute!  He's ready for his milk!
 Here is Mags' Dr. Seuss breakfast ... green eggs and ham, with her 'Strawberries & Cream Cat in the Hat!'
 She was tickled by him!  :)
Then, after we watched a couple of Dr. Seuss videos, it was time for a craft.  We got our next idea, 'Cat in the Hat Hats' at, but unfortunately, the site's template is not big enough to make using toilet paper rolls like the host did, so I printed the available template anyway and used a straw, tape, and red and white paper to fashion the same things, just smaller, and sans toilet paper.  
First, we cut our red paper into fat strips and adhered them onto our white paper, to resemble the Cat's hat.  
 Once our strips were all in place, we then rolled our paper, red stripes out, into a tube, and secured at the back with tape, like below.
Then, it was time to make the brim of our hat so that it would stay in place.  We cut out a large circle from our white paper, the cut a smaller hole out of the center of our circle, like below.  We then cut four notches coming off the smaller circle to use as tabs to secure our base to our tube.
 Here is a picture of the underside of that same circle, with two tabs taped against the inside of our tube, holding it in place.
 Our hat.  Then it was time for the inside surprise.
Mags colored the template for the inside of our hat with colored pencils.
 After she was done coloring the same, I cut it out and we adhered our straw to the back of it with some more tape.
 Here it is from the front.  (I was quite impressed with her coloring job!)  :)
 For the final step, we slipped our drawing down through the top of our hat and we were done!  Now, she can surprise Daddy with the Cat coming out of the top of the hat!  Cute.
Later, for her journal entry, I asked her, 'What is your favorite Dr. Seuss book and why?'  She answered, 'Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose because I like all the pests in it.'  (That's my favorite one, too!)  :)
Here, Mags is using the book to draw her own picture of Thidwick.
 It turned out really cute, with all the 'pests' in his antlers!  :)
Then, it was time for our 'Truffula Tree Craft' as found at  For the same, we used a bright piece of paper (we chose bright green), sparkly pom poms, paper trunks (I simply scribbled on some yellow paper with some black marker and then cut little slivers out of the same), a small picture of the Lorax (we found ours off a children's IHOP menu), and glue.
 Glue your Lorax at the bottom of your page, then glue on your Truffula's 'trunks.'
 For the final step, glue on your pom poms at the top of each trunk -- super simple!
 So cute!
And, for our final Dr. Seuss snack of the day, I made the 'Dr. Seuss Hat Pops' as seen at  For the same, I used 4 large marshmallows, a wooden skewer, strawberry Fruit by the Foot, and kitchen shears.
 I squashed one of the marshmallows with the palm of my hand and skewered it first onto the top of my skewer, pointy side up.  I followed that with the three other marshmallows (not squashed) to make the shape of my hat.  I then snipped off the pointy end of the skewer for safety.
 Then, using my shears again, I trimmed my Fruit by the Foot to wrap once around my marshmallows (a small overlap will ensure that they will stay in place, as the Fruit by the Foot is sticky enough), and to the width I desired.  When placing my strips on my 'hat,' I was sure to cover the lines created by the space between each marshmallow.  (See below.)
 It was a hit!  :)
So, that wraps up our at-home Dr. Seuss projects for today.  Later, we plan to attend the Make-it Take-it event at Michael's craft store where we'll be making a Cat in the Hat can holder (check out this site to see if that event is happening near you --,default,pg.html), and we'll also be perusing this great site thanks to a tip from our fellow homeschooling friend, Nikki,  (Thanks, Nikki!)  Again, Happy Dr. Seuss Day and we'll see you again soon!  Happy crafting!


  1. Love it! You are so creative in your crafts and activities! You have also inspired me to track our own homeschooling adventures in a blog as well!

    I feel so blessed to have another homeschooling mom to share ideas with!

    1. Nikki, thanks, I'm so glad! I'm now one of your followers! :) I can't wait to bounce ideas off each other! :)

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