Thursday, February 2, 2012

There's an arc over the Ark!

Hi again!  I know.  It's been a while.  We took a bit of a break, but when we were homeschooling, I wasn't always blogging, so following this one, I will be making another post, from last week, with all things Mardi Gras! Today, though, we studied Noah's Ark, continued our Geography studies, and started our Valentine's Day crafts.  Here are some photos of today's projects.  

First, we did some reading on Noah's Ark.  These are two of the books we read that I'd highly recommend:
Noah's Ark by Barbara Shook Hazen and Diane Muldrow (a Little Golden Book), and ...
... Gopherwood Zoo by Calvin Miller.  (This one is set to rhyme!)
After our reading, we set out to make a rainbow craft to use with our toy Ark that Maggie's had since she was a baby.  For the same, we used a rainbow template we found online (I used the one at, cardboard, crayons, glue, cotton balls, rain-colored ribbon (I used light blue and silver), and tape.
 First, color your rainbow.
 Looks great, Mags!  Next, cut the rainbow out and adhere with your glue onto your cardboard.  Cut the rainbow out again, this time with the cardboard attached, being sure to leave a space of cardboard below each end of your arc for your cotton balls, like below.
 Then, glue on your cotton balls to either end of your rainbow!
 Once the cotton balls are in place, cut out several pieces of ribbon for your rain and adhere each piece to the back of your rainbow using your tape.
 All done!
 We then used her toy Ark and completed rainbow craft to recreate the story of Noah's Ark.  (She was quick to point out that they are still on the land (that is, her green, grassy rug), just entering the Ark, and the rain has begun falling.)  She was very proud of this craft!
I got the idea for our Noah's Ark-inspired snack ('Rainbow Pudding Cups') from  For the same, you'll need vanilla pudding (we just used instant pudding for ease), food coloring, 6 different bowls with spoons, and clear plastic cups.
 Make your pudding as directed. 
 Once set, separate into your six bowls and use your food coloring to make each bowl a different color of the rainbow -- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.
 Then, layer the pudding into your cups to resemble a rainbow like I did, below.
 Before serving, you might want to add a dollop of whipped cream to represent a cloud!  (You could also serve these frozen -- Rainbow Pudding Pops! -- by sticking a wide Popsicle stick down in the center of your pudding, freezing, then removing the cup!)
For today's journal entry, I asked her, 'What do you think being on the Ark would have been like?'  She answered, 'I'd be sad because I'd miss everyone not on the Ark.'  (This is her picture of some animals on the Ark, below the rainbow in the sky.)
Later, we started today's Geography lesson, focusing on North America and the United States.  Here, she is coloring a map of North America.
 Then, later, we took several US maps and we would locate each state on each.  If I pointed out Texas on one map, she would show me where Texas is on the other three maps.  (Here, she is pointing out South Carolina, our first trip on our States tour that we're starting next month!)
 Then, after we located the different states on the maps, I had her color the states I would call out on her own little printout of a US map.
 GREAT JOB, Mags!!
 And, of course, who doesn't love a US puzzle?  (I love this big floor one by Melissa & Doug!)
 All done!  (She was really proud!)
 Then, for one of today's Phonics activities, we played Boggle, Jr., a great teaching tool!
And, finally, to kick off our Valentine's crafts for the next two weeks, we made the 'Adoily-able T-shirt' as seen in our Family Fun magazine, February 2012, page 16, using a prewashed T-shirt, a heart-shaped doily (I found them at Dollar Tree), a glue stick, a piece of cardboard, white fabric paint, and a foam stencil brush.
 First, place your cardboard piece under the top layer of your shirt so no paint bleeds through to the second layer.  Then, using your glue stick, spread a light layer of glue onto the solid center of your doily.  Center and lay it onto your shirt, sticky side down, to help your heart stay put while you are painting.  (Also, be sure to remove any extra paper bits from your doily that should be showing a clean hole.  You can use a toothpick or the pointy end of some scissors to do this.)
Once your shirt is ready, put a light, even layer of paint onto your stencil brush and tap it straight up and down on top of the holes in your doily.
 Once done, carefully remove your doily and let your paint dry before wearing!  Very cute!
(Here is the photo of the completed project from the magazine.)
Happy crafting!

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