Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." -- Jesus

Happy Ash Wednesday!  Today is the first day of the sacred Lenten season, so our Bible studies will be a bit more involved over the next 40 days, but we'll also be doing our usual letter work, some more Geography, and honoring some special observances.  (National Pancake Day and Pig Day are both next week!)  As for today, we studied the story of Easter, made a special 'stained glass' cross in honor of Jesus, and did some more review on the letter Mm.  Enjoy!

One of the books we read today was The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story by Jan & Mike Berenstain, a really great read if you're hoping to impart the real reason we celebrate Easter.
Following the story, we watched this Veggie Tales: An Easter Carol DVD, another reminder of the true reason for Easter.  She liked it a lot.
For today's journal entry, I asked her, 'What will you do to be closer to God during these 40 days before Easter?'  She answered, 'I might talk to God more.'  Then, she drew this picture of the cross, surrounded by flowers.
Then, it was on to our craft, a 'stained glass' cross!  For the same, I cut out two equal-sized crosses from black foam with a hole in the top of each for hanging, then gathered a plastic page protector, some colorful tissue paper scraps, glue, scissors, and a ribbon.
 First, I cut the page protector in the corner, so that I would have two closed edges in my piece, to match the height and width of our crosses.
 Then, I cut the page protector again to match the shape of the crosses, still leaving two edges (the bottom and one side) intact.
 Because I kept the bottom and one side intact (see below), it will be easier for her to work with when she adds the 'stained glass.'
 Then, we spread a thin layer of white glue onto the inside of our page protector cross and added small pieces of our tissue paper, being sure to lay them flat, and not crowd the other colors. Once all our colors were added, we closed the top layer of the page protector cross over our work, and trimmed the edges of the paper that were sticking out with our scissors.
 This is what our cross looked like at this stage, after trimming.
 Then, again using our glue, we sandwiched the page protector cross between our two foam crosses and let dry.
 Finally, we added our ribbon for hanging!  Looks great, Mags!
 Here is our cross, held up to the light.  :)
Then, we continued our review of the letter Mm.  Here, Mags is making uppercase M and lowercase m with matchsticks ...
... and money!
On to pottery class!  See you tomorrow!