Thursday, February 16, 2012

"The Eagle has landed." -- Neil Armstrong

Welcome to our 250th post!  Today, we continued our study of our nation's symbols with our focus on the bald eagle, as well as did some more review on the letter Ll.  Of the books we read, here were my three favorite:

American Symbols: The Bald Eagle by Debbie L. Yanuck;
The Bald Eagle by Lloyd G. Douglas; and 
Soaring with the Wind: The Bald Eagle by Gail Gibbons.  All three of these books were informative and easy for her to follow.
After our reading, we did an entry in her journal where I asked her, 'What other bird do you think would have made a good national symbol and why?'  She responded, 'A cardinal because it's my favorite color, red.'  This is her picture of the same, below.  (Cute!)
Then, it was on to our bald eagle craft, found out of our Family Fun magazine from June/July 2010, page 68, called 'Hand-some Tee.'  (It was called that because the handprint eagle was put on a T-shirt, but I decided instead to just make the same design on paper for this craft.)  For the same, you will need paper, a paint brush, and yellow, brown, white, and black paint.
 For the first step, paint your child's right hand with the brown paint, being sure not to paint the thumb.  Carefully, place his/her painted hand onto the paper, with fingers towards the left, to represent your eagle's left wing.  Repeat the same process with your child's left hand, placing it opposite the left wing on the paper, and being sure the palms touch for your eagle's body, like the print below.  You have now made your eagle's body and wings.
 For the next step, after washing off the brown paint, you want to paint your child's three center fingers on one hand white (pointer, middle, and ring fingers), like below.
 Place those three white painted fingers on your paper, pointing down from the body, being sure they touch the bottom of the eagle's body, as shown below.  These are your eagle's tail feathers.
 Then, having your child make a fist with his/her left hand, paint the side with the pinkie finger white, like you see Maggie's here.
 Place that painted fist at the top of your eagle's body, like below, to represent your eagle's head.
 With a finger dabbed in the black paint, place your eye on your eagle, followed by a beak with another finger dipped in the yellow paint.
 Maggie's handprint eagle ... super cute!!
Later, from an idea we got from our Alphabet and Counting workbook, we made a lion out of an uppercase L.
Tomorrow, we'll be focusing on our nation's flower, the rose.  Check back with us!

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