Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our 'A-Bottle-Able Snowmen!'

Today was 'SNOW-LOADS' of fun.  I had planned a special 'Snowman Play Date' for Mags and her friends and stayed up late last night getting ready for it.  Here's what we did:

One of the first things I did last night was make the 'Snowball Soap Surprise' out of Family Fun magazine, December/January 2010, page 58, as a take-home gift for the girls after our play date.  They're basically little soap balls, shaped into snowballs, with a surprise hidden inside.  For the same, you only need Ivory soap, a cheese grater, and tiny plastic toys.  For four balls, I used three bars of soap.
 Unwrap your bars and grate them into a bowl.
 All grated!  Next, add a little less than half a cup of lukewarm water to your soap flakes, a bit at a time, until your mixture is 'squishy and claylike.'
 For each snowball, get a handful of your flakes and mold it into a sphere.  Make a hole in the center of your sphere for your toy.  (Thanks to my wonderful husband for helping me with these last night!)
Then, cover your toy and lay your completed snowball on a cookie sheet to dry.
 Our four snowballs, drying.
 Once dried (they took less than two hours to do so), I wrapped them in cellophane bags with a pretty ribbon to give the girls at the end of our play date.
Then, it was on to prepare for our snack!  This idea I got from Yum for Kids: Food & Fun magazine, Winter 2011, page 50.  They are called 'Snowman Milk Bottles' and they are super cute!  To decorate the bottles, you need small recycled bottles (I used Starbucks Frappuccino bottles that come in sets of four at the grocery store), black adhesive gems, felt, and scissors.  
 Adhere your gems onto your bottles to resemble the coal buttons on a snowman.
 Then, cut your felt to resemble tiny scarves for your bottle snowmen, like below.
 Wrap your scarves around your snowmen and add straws to each of your bottles.
 For the edible part of your 'Snowman Milk Bottles,' you'll need white powdered doughnut holes, milk, and black decorator's gel.  For each bottle, poke your straw through each doughnut hole to resemble your snowman's head.
 Then, add features with your decorator's gel.  (This is not as easy as it looks because the gel does not like to stick to the powder!)
 Then, fill each bottle with milk!  SO cute!  Serve 'snowballs' (doughnut holes) with your milk bottle snowmen.    Here is our table, waiting for our friends for our 'Snowman Play Date!'
 Looks like fun!  (I've got a sneak peek of our craft for the day in the center -- our 'A-Bottle-Able Snowmen' luminaries.)
 (Maggie insisted we add a photo of our luminary with the lights out.)
 (Craft details for him to follow ...)
 The snack was a hit!
 Leah, enjoying a 'snowball.'
After some snowmen stories, we got started on the craft, the 'A-Bottle-Able Snowmen' from our Family Fun magazine, December/January 2012, page 55.  For the same, you will need squat plastic bottles (we saved our small apple juice bottles), scissors, a battery-operated tea light, white glue, white, orange, and black tissue paper (I used crepe paper for the orange and black), buttons or sequins for your snowman's face, and a ribbon for his scarf.  For the first step, cut a hole in the bottom of your clean, dry bottle to fit your tea light.  
Next, make a creamy glue for decoupaging onto your bottle by mixing your white glue with a bit of water.  Brush onto your bottle.
 Apply pieces of your white tissue paper in a light layer, being sure to completely cover your bottle.  Once lightly covered, brush on another layer of glue.  Here, Lucy is working hard.
 Here's Anna, helping Leah with her bottle.  Cover the lid of your bottle with your black paper in the same way you did your white paper.  For your snowman's nose, use a piece of orange tissue paper to make a cone shape and add your glue to get it wet enough to form into a nose.  Set aside.  Let all three pieces dry.  (It takes a few hours.)  
Once dry, screw your lid back onto your bottle, then add buttons or sequins for your snowman's eyes and mouth,  attach his nose, and tie on his ribbon scarf.  (Be sure to fray the ribbon's edges.)  Finally, add your tea light to the bottom, and enjoy!
And, to wrap up today, I made Mags the 'Frosty the Bagel' as seen in our Family Fun magazine, December/January 2012, page 92, using a bagel half, cream cheese, a baby carrot nose, olive slices for the eyes, a red pepper mouth, and earmuffs made from broccoli florets and a thin slice of celery.  Very sweet!  (Can you tell how much I love Family Fun?  EVERY homeschooling Mom should have a subscription!) 
Another hit!
Happy crafting!

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