Thursday, January 5, 2012

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

So, as most of you homeschooling parents know, opportunities for socialization are important.  Yesterday morning, before we got started on our work, we got a call from my friend, Logan, asking us to come over and play. Mags was thrilled!  And my philosophy is, 'We can work later if we have an opportunity to spend some play time with friends.'  So, Mags and Jayden spent the day playing, though I still brought over a little Winter work to give them something to break up the time with the toys.  Here are a few pictures of our 'Snowy Pictures,' an idea I got from our The Everything Toddler Activities Book by Joni Levine, M.Ed., page 232.  But before we got to the craft, we read some snow books, including this one, Snow by Roy McKie and P. D. Eastman, which is a must-read for any Winter curriculum!
For 'Snowy Pictures,' you need dark construction paper (I chose blue), white paint, doilies, and a brush.  (You can also use an old toothbrush for flicking specks of white paint on after you make your doily flakes, but since we weren't at my house, I nixed that part.  You're welcome, Logan!)  :)
 Place your doilies on your paper, and get to work painting over each doily, making sure it doesn't move under your brush.  Here, Jayden decided to make a 'snowflake flower.'  (Unfortunately, I could only find the large doilies with a big, solid middle, so I just cut the lacy bits off into little pieces for them to place as they wished.)
 Mags did one doily snowflake, then decided making a snowman with her brush was more interesting!
 Busy girls.  :)
 In the end, though, Mags went back to the doilies to add flakes around her snowman.  :)
Once you've painted your doily, carefully remove it to reveal the pattern underneath ... snowflakes!
Happy crafting!

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