Monday, December 12, 2011

Thumbprint Reindeer

So, for those of you who know me, believe it or not, I actually toyed with the idea of not sending out Christmas cards this year.  I thought, 'No one sends them anymore,' and 'We've just got so much else to do,' but the guilt I felt (and this cute idea I came across in Family Fun magazine!) changed my mind.  I think a lot of you would have been shocked not to receive a handmade Christmas card from us this year, but never fear, though it's later than usual, it's on its way!  

We chose to make the 'Thumbprint Reindeer' as seen in Family Fun, simply made, using cardstock, ink pads, googly eyes, black paper holes (punched out from a larger piece), red sequins, tacky glue and a brown and green marker.  (The magazine used mini pom poms for their reindeer's noses, but I was worried about them in an envelope through the postal service, so we used black paper circles and red sequins for our noses.)  And, since there are three in our family, we thought it'd be cute to make one reindeer to represent each of us, using our individual thumbprints for each. 

First, we got to work, each of us making a thumbprint on our cards, being sure Maggie's (the smallest print, obviously) was in the middle.
 Then, using our brown marker, we made antlers for each.
 After all of our cards were thumbprinted and antlered, I used one of my rubber stamps to make a greeting on each of our cards.
 Then, we added googly eyes and noses to each reindeer, making sure Maggie's print got the red sequin to represent Rudolph.
 We then used our brown marker to add ears and I added green bows to my print's antlers to distinguish it from Al's print (another variation from the magazine's suggestion).
 All our cards, drying and waiting to be mailed!
 Later, for some letter review, I gave Maggie some jellybeans for snack (Thanks, Mom and Dad!), but before I'd let her eat them, I instructed her to make an uppercase J and lowercase j out of them.
Great job!  :)
'J is for jellybean!'

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