Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sugar Cookie Christmas Tree!

Like most people, we decorate cut-out sugar cookies at Christmas time, but this year, I was hoping to do something a bit different.  I got some inspiration while flipping through a Williams Sonoma catalog one day, when  I stumbled across a Christmas tree they made using star cookie cutters, of course, trying to sell them.  Well, unfortunately for ol' Williams Sonoma, I stole the idea, but didn't purchase their wares.  (I settled for a much less expensive set of plastic Wilton cutters that I found at Michael's, then used a 40% coupon off of that!)  I was eager to make a tree for us, and after a great turnout, I am eager to share it with you!  First of all, you'll need a recipe (or a mix like I used) for sugar cookies.
 Once your sugar cookie dough is made, roll it out according to your recipe or package directions and cut with your star-shaped cookie cutters into varying sizes, then bake.  
 For the icing, I bought inexpensive canned frosting and some green food coloring, combining the two until I got a color I liked.  (Be sure to set aside a bit of frosting for dyeing yellow for your tree's star!)
 My green!  For a lighter, more Spring-like green, add a bit of yellow, or for a darker green, add a bit of blue.
 Then, frost your baked cookies, stacking them one on top of the other, so that the largest is on the bottom and the smallest is one the top.  Be sure to stagger them so that the points are going in all directions.
 My tree, not yet decorated.
 For ornaments, I used M&Ms on the tips of my cookies (or 'branches'), being sure the 'M' on each was face down.
For the smallest star, I used yellow icing (white frosting, dyed with a bit of yellow food coloring), then sprinkled on some clear decorator's sugar to make it sparkly.  I then placed it on the top of my tree, using a bit of broken cookie behind it to help it stand up.
 Finally, I sprinkled the whole tree with green decorator's sugar to make it extra festive.
Ready to eat!  :)

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