Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Turkey Time!

We had a fun Thanksgiving play date today with our buddies, Leah and Lucy, and made a couple of super cute crafts and snacked on some yummy, sweet birds!  Check it out ...

For our first craft, we made the 'Finger Stamp Place Cards' as seen in Family Fun magazine, November 2007, page 66, using card stock, stamp pads, googly eyes, glue, scissors, and markers.  Before starting, cut and fold your card stock into place card-sized pieces.  Next, using your stamp pads, stamp your thumb or index finger into the ink and make arcs of color, like below, for your turkey's feathers.  Make one large print (the thumb would be best for this part) in the center for your turkey's body.  
Glue on googly eyes, add a paper beak, and using your markers, draw in feet and the name of the person you're making it for.  (Here, Anna is helping Leah with her glue.)
Lucy, showing off her colorful thumb!  :)
Maggie's place card!
Leah's place card for her Daddy.  (So cute!)  :)
All of our turkey place cards!  They were adorable!
We also enjoyed a few turkeys for snack, 'Bite-Size Birds,' to be exact, as per last year's issue of Publix: Family Style magazine.  To make them, you need vanilla wafers, miniature peanut butter cups, vanilla frosting, candy corn, and caramels (or, when you can't find caramels at the store, like me today, something similar to hold your turkeys propped up at the back).  For each one, frost the flat part of your wafer and attach a peanut butter cup at the bottom.  Arrange your candy corn above your peanut butter cup, like below, for your turkey's feathers.  (I was able to get 5 on.)
Once the frosting has set a bit, you can prop your cookie up in the back using your caramel or other candy, and a bit of frosting for 'glue.'  Finally, attach another piece of candy corn on the top of your peanut butter cup for your turkey's head.  
So cute!
And quite tasty!  :)
Leah approved!  :)
And for our second craft today, we made the 'Turkey Luminarias' as seen in a past issue of Family Fun magazine, using a brown paper lunch bag, white, yellow, orange, and red tissue paper, scissors, a glue stick, and an LED tea light.  (You can find these in packs of 3 at the Dollar Tree.)  To start, cut a hole in the center of the seamless side of your bag.
Once the hole is cut, cut a slightly larger circle out of your white tissue paper.  This will be the base for your tissue paper turkey.  Next, cut skinny triangles of red, orange, and yellow tissue paper for your feathers, using a glue stick to affix them onto your white circle, points towards the center, in an arc like you did for the fingerprint turkeys.  Once your arc of triangles is adhered to your white circle, use the brown circle that you cut from your bag to cut out the silhouette of a turkey body and head.  (Scroll down two photos to see mine.)  Glue the silhouette onto the center of your feathers and white circle.
Finally, glue around your open hole in your bag and place your white circle down onto it, colorful side out.
This is what your bag should look like.  
Put something heavy in the bottom of your bag, place your LED tea light on top, and let her glow!  (We found that a Campbell's soup can was the perfect height for our tea light!)
Very pretty!

Thanks for peeking in on us! We wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving! See you next week!

Rachel and Mags  :)

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