Monday, November 14, 2011

The Great Outdoors

Well, our weekend was great!  We had a lot of fun on our camping trip and though we came back to do loads of laundry, cleaning, unpacking, and homeschool prep for the coming week, it was all worth it.  Here are some photos:

I couldn't believe how packed the car was.  I knew I had a lot, but the fact that Mags was shoved to one side and we had to bungee chord things together to avoid smacking her in the head made me realize that maybe I should have packed a bit lighter!  
 Once we got the tent up, she was in hog heaven!  She was so excited!
 Hanging out with Daddy!
 The colors of the leaves were beautiful, and we were tickled with the layout of our campsite.  Susie, Elliott, and Paisley (Maggie's best friend) had their tent on the far right of the site ...
 ... and we had ours on the far left.  The fire pit and dining area were central.
 Here, Mags is 'making mushroom soup to cook on the fire.'  :)
Waiting for Paisley to show up!
 Mags, Al, and Pais, getting their headlamps ready for nightfall.
 Light stick in hand, headlamp in place, chapstick being applied ... gearing up for a fun night of camping!  :)
 Baby Olivia (Paisley's sister) dropped by for a visit before spending the weekend with her grandmother!  :)
 Getting suited up for a cold one!
 So much fun!
 Making memories!
After the trip, we made an entry in her journal.  I asked her, 'What was your favorite part of this weekend's camping trip?'  She answered, 'Roasting marshmallows.'  (This is her picture of herself, roasting marshmallows over the fire.)  :)

Thanks for letting me share!  This week, we'll be jumping into the letter Ii, as well as continuing our Native American studies and learning more about Thanksgiving.  We'll also celebrate Geography Awareness Week and enjoy a field trip with our homeschooling group to the fire station.  Come back!

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