Friday, October 7, 2011

WHO-WHO-WHOOOO loves Fall?

Happy World Smile Day!  What a great day!  We were able to make up the Oliviatown theater production we missed last week when Maggie was sick, so though that took up a huge chunk of our day, we both enjoyed the break immensely.  Then, we came home to do some more work on our Raptors study, today, focusing on Owls.  Here are some pictures:

Maggie, waiting for the show to start!
 The owl sandwich I made her at lunch!  (He's perched on a bread stick!)  I made her close her eyes because she didn't know which raptor we'd be covering today and when she opened them, she exclaimed, 'OWLS, YES!'
 Lunchtime!  (He's got ham and cheese insides.)
 And what else for dessert than owl cupcakes?  (The things you can do with just a couple of Oreos and M&Ms!)
 (Those were a hit, too!)
 A real hit!  :)
 Later, we made a pom-pom owl to go with our squirrel we made earlier in the week.
 And then, we made a paper bag owl with googly eyes.  (The instructions called for felt pieces and a paint pen, but I have always gone with the simplest way to recreate some of these crafts.  Construction paper worked just fine, and there was no need to stuff our owl with newspaper, as also instructed, because then she couldn't get her hand in to use it as a puppet.  We also chose our own color scheme to go with Fall ... oranges and browns and yellow.  I say, make it your own!)
 Putting his eyes on ...
 I think he turned out so snazzy!
 Mags did, too!
 And then, in honor of our Squirrels curriculum, we made a little pipe cleaner squirrel.
Mags immediately put him in her dollhouse with the pom-pom squirrel and some acorns.  I guess it's the nuthouse!  Ha!  :)

Today, we:
Daily (Calendar/Weather):
1.  We completed our calendar activities, putting today's date up on the calendar, and discussing the month, what day of the week it is, what season, and what kind of weather we're having.
Bible Study:
1.  We completed the daily devotion out of our God and Me book, for today's date -- 'Good Friends.'  Then, we read John 1:35-39 together.
World Smile Day:
1.  We discussed the importance of smiling, as described in our Character Counts! A Parent's Guide to Preparing Your Child to Make Good Choices, page 27.
2.  For today's journal entry I asked her, 'What makes you smile?'  She answered, 'When Daddy tickles me.'
Universal Children's Week:
1.  We read Wake Up, World!  A Day in the Life of Children Around the World by Beatrice Hollyer.
Great Books Week:
1.  We read Bread and Jam for Frances by Russell Hoban.
2.  We read Frog and Toad Are Friends by Arnold Lobel.
3.  We read Tikki Tikki Tembo by Arlene Mosel.
4.  We read Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey.
5.  We read Lyle, Lyle Crocodile by Bernard Waber.
Squirrel Awareness Month:
1.  We read Squirrels by Diane Swanson.
2.  We read The Squirrel Wife by Philippa Pearce.
3.  We completed the 'Wild Shapes' activity out of our Animal Baby magazine, October 2009, pages 5-6.
4.  We completed page 30 out of our Mazes workbook.
5.  We made the pipe cleaner squirrel out of our Martha Stewart: Pipe Cleaner Forest Kit.
6.  We completed pages 38-39 of our Getting Your Preschooler Ready to Read workbook, which required her to help the squirrel find the tree by using alphabetical order.
Raptor Month (Owls):
1.  We read Owls by Christine Butterworth.
2.  We read Owls by Lynn M. Stone.
3.  We read Owls by Michael George.
4.  We read Owls by Timothy Levi Biel.
5.  We read Owl Moon by Jane Yolen.
6.  We read The Adventures of Wise Old Owl by Robert Kraus.
7.  We read Owl at Home by Arnold Lobel.
8.  We read Bear's New Friend by Karma Wilson.
9.  We read Sleeping Cutie by Andrea Davis Pinkney.
10.  We made the 'Twit Twoo' owl sandwich out of our Funky Lunch book, pages 34-35, with provolone cheese and pieces of black olive for the eyes.
11.  We made the owl bag puppet as seen at
12.  We made the cupcake owls as seen at
13.  We made the pom-pom owl out of our Martha Stewart: Pom-pom Forest Animals Kit.
Letter Ee Review:
1.  We completed page 6 of our Disney Learning: The Alphabet: Grade K workbook, which required her to practice writing uppercase E and lowercase e, and find all the Ee’s in a picture, among many other letters.
Math Concepts:
1.  I quizzed her again on our 'Numbers 1-100' poster by calling out specific numbers and having her identify the same.

So, as I said yesterday, there are still a few projects that will run into the weekend that we didn't get done, so look for another post before Tuesday.  In the meantime, enjoy this fabulous Fall weekend!

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